Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Capcom Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting APK [JP]

Download Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting 1.00 apk for android. (Download links removed for this game, too many DMCA complaints, sorry!!)
Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 145 MB 
Rating: 3.8/5
Type: Brain & Puzzle

Dynamic Hunting User Reviews:
“Too early to dismiss this game as I know a lot will compare to the PSP counterparts. Don't really appreciate the low-res graphics (there's black side borders on my Note II), however if this means having more content in the package I just downloaded, then looking forward to rich content!” -Desmond Choong

Monster Hunter Description & Features:
In a timely manner to avoid attacks looming, hit to attack that opportunity! !
If I rob quest clear all the strength of monsters within the time limit.
Simple operation-centric flick!
Drag, attack on tap, with a flick of two fingers avoidance.
Simple operation that can be played by anyone.
Chance of a successful attack powerful flick to avoid or counter-attack!
Assess the timing attack, avoid!
The number of weapons and armor powerful people!
I can make weapons and armor in the material obtained by defeating monsters.
Five lines of the “hammer” “Lance” “Twin Swords” “sword” “Sword” weapon.
Total, more than 100!
Check the replay hunting for yourself!
If you can clear the quest in no continue, you can record the contents of his own play.
I’ll cut to the viewpoint change over when you touch the screen during the replay!
Useful to get the hang of, such as interval! !
※ This work is a whole new game that has been designed based on the world of Monster Hunter, as anyone in a short period of time feel free to enjoy the smartphone.
Please note on your purchase point game rule is different from the “Monster Hunter” series has been released in the home video game machine.
※ This application is only for one play.
※ Since it will be compatible Android OS 4.0, please note.
※ In order to download this app requires approximately 6MB of space in the main memory.
※ when you play the first time, I downloaded the game data separately.
It is therefore necessary to have about 540MB of free space in the memory or the body (SD card) external memory.
※ capacity for communication, we recommend the operation of the communication environment in Wi-Fi.

Notes: Game is in Japanese language

screenshots (click to enlarge)

Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting Download Links:
Google Play Store

Download Links removed due to Dmca and following user requests because the game was in Japanese!

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