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Sonic 4 Episode 2 THD APK + DATA For Android

Fight evil with sonic's old friend in this second Episode and enjoy the added four brand new Zones! Free download Sonic 4 Episode 2 THD apk 1.4 with Sd Data Files and have some classic fun!
Sonic 4 Episode 2 THD APK

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up (Tegra)
Size: 560 MB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Arcade & Action

What I said about the previous Episode goes for this one, plus a double dose of awesomeness! but remember this is the THD version so you need a tegra 3 capable device to play it.

"I initially purchased the standard version for my Galaxy Tab, before upgrading to the Tegra HD version when I bought a Nexus 7. The difference in graphical quality between the two versions is outstanding! I believe the THD version even uses the same models and assets as those found in the PS3 and 360 versions of the game! Yet, the game still runs super smooth." -A Google User

"This game looks and plays beautiful!! Running the Sixaxis App and playing this game with my PS3 controller is phenomenal" -Google User

"This has awesome graphics for a Sonic game and the speed won't let you down either. My biggest complaint would be the on-screen controls. I don't carry around other controllers to try out while on-the-go but the on-screen controls are too challenging in their own regards at certain points in the game." -Lucas

Review of the game by David Ruddock from
 Sonic 4 Episode II is a massive visual leap forward from Episode I. And I do mean massive - we've gone from a quasi-3D-sometimes but mostly 2D flatland game to something that is really quite pretty.
Everything has been 3Dified. The characters and environments are all now much, much better looking than they were in Episode I. You get realistic water, blowing snow and sand, and character models that don't harken back to 1994. It's Sonic, evolved. Of course, to get this experience on Android, you'll have to be playing the Tegra 3 version of the game, which means using a tablet or an HTC One X.., at this point.
If you have a Tegra 3 tablet (or phone), Sonic 4 Episode II should be on your game list. It's a fantastically designed title from a studio we all know and love. It's well thought-out, visually impressive, and clearly has been developed by people who care about making something fun and polished.
Despite the situational inadequacy of touch controls, and the occasional technical hiccup, it's a great game that continues to reinvigorate a franchise that everyone thought was long dead, and I imagine I'll be playing it for weeks to come.

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Sonic 4 Episode 2 THD APK+DATA Download Links:


Part1 Part2 Part3


Install the APK, Extract SD DATA and Copy ‘com.sega.sonic4ep2thd‘ folder to ‘/sdcard/Android/Obb/’ , Launch the Game.
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