Thursday, September 17, 2015

Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK free download

With Easy Voice Recorder Pro, a simple and easy to use yet pretty powerful voice recorder, all of your recording needs will be satisfied. Free download and install the app and try it today.

Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 2.6MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Productivity

App User Reviews:
This app is just right. Solid and stable and functions like a dream. I was using Easy Voice Recorder free version for ever and felt obligated to pay up. I love the Pro features like record to SD. All the settings are just right. Not too limited, not too many bells and whistles. The widget functions are very useful and also very reliable. Recoding in background never fails. Anyone who remembers stand-alone recorders, analog or digital, should not hesitate to get pro version. -Dustin

"Nothing can compare to Easy Voice Recorder Pro. Great quality with lots of features. Widget is simple and good looking. App is super stable and reliable. Easy to share with Evernote, cloud storage etc." -Daniel 

"Although it's described as a voice recorder, the reality is that Easy Voice Recorder Pro will record just about anything you throw at it. Certainly, it's particularly well designed for voice notes, taking just a couple taps to play back a quick recording that you made earlier. Yet with practically no time limit on recordings, this app is just as well suited to long projects: for recording business meetings, brainstorming sessions, dictations to the office assistant, classroom lectures, and things of that nature. It'll even record in the background while you do other things with your device. (Just be careful, though, not to put your hand over the microphone.)"

Easy Voice Recorder Pro Pro features:
Here are just some of the additional features, available on supported devices:
-Record in stereo.
-Record with a Bluetooth microphone.
-Boost input volume with microphone software gain.
-Skip silent parts.
-Manage and organize your recordings with folders, and save recordings to your SD card.
-Switch to the camcorder microphone for louder and clearer recordings.
-Control the recorder from anywhere using the status bar. Recordings can also be pinned to the status bar.
With many more enhancements and additions, and more to come in the future.

What’s new in version
(September 11, 2015)
- Added a sort option to the player list.
- Fixed recording issue for Motorola 4.4 devices at medium & low quality.
- Other bug fixes and improvements.

- Tune the recorder for voice notes, meetings, or music recordings with optimized settings.
- Pro version: Bluetooth is now selectable from Settings > Tuning > Microphone, for devices that support it.
- Android 4.3+: Pause/resume & filters with MP4 AAC.
- Many other bug fixes and improvements.
This release fixes the "echo" with Motorola 4.4 devices. 

Ver 1.8.1
Improved Bluetooth recording on Android 5.0 Lollipop.
On Android 5.0 Lollipop, notifications can now be optionally hidden from the lock screen.
Other bug fixes and improvements.
Fixed audio issues with certain Samsung devices.
Other bug fixes and improvements.
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Download Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK:
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Previous versions:
ver | ver 1.8.1

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