Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fast Burst Camera 6.0.8 Apk Free Download

The fastest camera app and the best candidate to replace your stock camera app. Take up to 30 photos per second. Free download Fast Burst Camera Apk 6.0.8 (patched full) and burst it!
Fast Burst Camera APK

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 10MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Photography

App User Reviews:
"I raise and train few horses and miniature Aussies. I can get that perfect shot with Fast Burst. Young animals do not hold still and I am not always looking for a perfect pose. I can shoot and go back through the photos and get the shot I wanted. I can get horses in action. Who wouldn't want it?!" -Jolley

"I use the Galaxy range of phones, the S2, s3 and now the Note 2 so I am used to having a decent camera from the get go but this is My go to camera app of choice. It is fast and simple to use 'with all the things you need at hand to do some pretty good pics and you can create your own gifs (That's gif like gift, not like jif anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously mentally challenged and should just be placated kindly and maybe given some juice and cookies.)" -Garry 

I have a Galaxy S3 and this app works like a charm for slow motion viewing. Works for golf swings, skateboarding, people falling, all kinds of anything. I could find quarks about it if I tryed but for 2 bucks this app is really nice. -Johnny

"This one has an option for high-resolution photographs at top speed. I generally shoot about 30 to 40 pictures very quickly on my samsung galaxy phone. shutter speeds are excellent , very little blur even when driving past something at 40 miles an hour" -Darryl 

App Features:
Fast Burst Camera is capable of taking 30 photos per second.
( on low-end devices, 5-10 photos per second is possible )
Hold shoot button for continuous burst, or tap for fast single shots.
Zero shutter lag - pictures are taken as soon as shutter button is pressed.
Supports flash, focus and zoom. Shutter sound can be turned of.
Shoot modes
- Single shot
- Full Burst
- Pre-shot
- Motion trigger
Built-in editor
More detailson the Play Store

What’s new in version 6.0.8
Fixed issue with touch-to-shoot option. It is back and working!
Added minor performance fixes

Fixed issue with touch-to-shoot option. It is back and working! 
v 6.0.5
New user interface
Support for horizontal and vertical display
Huge speed improvements
No more .tmb files

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Fast Burst Camera v6.0.8 Apk:
Google Play Store


Tips for good burst photos:
- get as much light as possible - especially when capturing things or people in motion
- keep the camera steady
- hold the shoot button for continuous bursts, and pick the good shots later

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