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Shine Runner 1.4.3 APK Download & Android Reviews

Free download Shine Runner Apk version 1.4.3 and drive a fan boat to smuggle and trade!!
Shine Runner APK Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 25.4 MB
Rating: 4.2/5
Type: Racing

User reviews from the Play Store: 
"Shine Runner is one of those games that takes you by surprise the moment you start playing. Although the title of the game may sound silly, it's a high-quality boat game with fully-destructive environments, beautiful graphics, and amazing boat physics." -Christopher Brinson

"Mad dash for cash to bring in the booty. Race through the swamp to trade your goods at the next black market with high graphics and physics. All your efforts produce a high score for you and mate to beat. Give us more maps/locations" -Andrew Illsley Shine Runner Review:
Shine Runner is a gorgeous and addictive racing/trading game that drop you into a high speed fanboat deep in the bayou. You are essentially a smuggler, trading items across several small trading posts for profit. Buy in one, trade in another. The aim of the game is to race your way from location to location as fast as you can and make as much money as you can! Incredible graphics, great sound and fun gameplay make Shine Runner very special indeed.
- Graphics are amazing!
- Sound compliments the game perfectly!
- Easy to play and with a variety of control options!
- Fun gameplay!
- Might seems a little short for some people.

Shine Runner is top-quality smuggling game that looks and feels like a console title. Deep in the everglades you must race and trade your way to success. There are 6 trading posts to visit: Bookie T’s, The Giggin Hole, Crazy Eddy’s, Guns N Jugs, Piggy’s and Dixie Trix. In these you can buy several items including: Crawdads, Catfish, Peter Pep, Gator tails, Snake Oil, Tobacky and Shine. You then have to take the items you buy and sell them on somewhere for profit. You have a store screen which displays the prices so you have to strategically find places where you can sell for profit.

The main action, however, takes place in the marshy waters between each location. Luckily you have a super powerful fanboat to race around in. You win money by completing each journey in a quick time, but expect all kinds of different obstacles, from police boats to alligators! The graphics really come into their own in two specific areas. Firstly the realistic water detail is just incredible and, if your device can cope with it, sends tiny splashes across your screen after a jump. Secondly, there are several small buildings on stilts coming out of the water and these are completely destructible if your boat hits them (accidentally of course). This sends shards of smashed wood across your view and, while it slows you down a little, looks superb.
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What’s new in update 1.4.3:
- Native Support for X86 Devices
- Bug Fixes

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