Saturday, June 22, 2013

Slydris APK Free Download for Android

This is the puzzle of the future! Install Slydris 1.04 Apk and have fun playing this modern classic.
Slydris APK Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 35 MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Brain & Puzzle

★Slydris Reviews★
The game is a fine testament to high color, with spectacular depth. I really liked how, with a toggle, the game theme changed in game. I also like the different game modes (Survival, infinite and the relaxing Zen).

Slydris is a real fun game that sneaks up on you. It can be a burst of fun, or a casual adventure; the true joy of this particular game is that it is all in the player’s hands.

Slydris is a cleverly intricate puzzle game with minimalist graphics and engaging game play. It's not instantly attractive, but stick around and you'll find this game has so much more to offer.

gRAPHICS 9/10- Beautiful to look at, with smooth animations.
Controls 9/10- Reactive Controls.
Gameplay 8.5/10- Familiar, but new at the same time. Different modes up the fun factor.
Replay Value 9/10- Highly addictive.
Overall 9/10- Superb game that is truly hard to put down.

Pretty puzzle game with high replay value, soothing soundtrack
Special blocks could use more air time on what they do
Bottom Line:
Slydris is a solid puzzler that will give Tetris a run for its money. This Android game is not a clone and can even stand out on its own. Buy it now!

What’s new in version 1.04
- Updated icon and added tablet wording
- Back button now exits from the Tutorial
- Restart now lets you restart beyond level 6
- New splash screen that doesn’t look pixelated on older phones

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Slydris 1.04 Apk Slydris screenshot
Slydris android screenshotSlydris 1.04 android screenshot

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