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Zombies, Run! APK + DATA & Android Reviews

Get the motivation you need to start running and get healthy with Zombies Run (apk with sd data files) version 2.1.3. Free Download the app and get in shape!
Zombies, Run! APK

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 9 MB + 290 MB OBB Cache File
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Health & Fitness

Zombies Run Android User Reviews:
"Still have never managed to outrun the zombies, but that's mainly because they always seem to appear while I'm halfway up an especially steep hill! Find the stories to be very entertaining - just wish there were more episodes each season." -Jennifer 

"Zombies! Run is probably single-handedly the reason why I have the motivation to go running. I love the zombie chases and the distance notification and the story is engaging enough that I actively want to go for a run to hear the next installment." -Antony Review:
The biggest obstacle that most runners face is motivation. Well, that and the "wall".
Whether you're a veteran marathon runner or a rookie pavement pounder training for your first 5K, the temptation to skip a run and settle in front of the telly box for the evening is difficult to resist.
In Zombies, Run!, North London-based development / motivational team Six to Start provides joggers with all the inspiration they need by sending hordes of ravenous zombies out to eat them.
Run for your lifeThe Zombies, Run! setup is very simple: install the app on your phone, pop in a pair of earbuds, queue up a favourite workout playlist, and start running.
Once you're off and jogging, the audio adventure begins. In the Zombies, Run! serialised story, you step into the blood-spattered shoes of a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. There are no virtual buttons to hit or shotguns to fire, mind. To 'win' at Zombies, Run!, you see, you simply have to scamper along the streets and collect items along the way to rebuild your base.
The creator of Zombies, Run! .APK tricks you into actively wanting to work out by offering up an episodic storyline.
Sure, you could just sit down on the sofa, pop in your headphones, and shake your Android for ten minutes to dupe your smartphone's accelerometer into thinking you were running, but that defeats the purpose of the app.
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What’s new in version 2.1.3:
- Fixed a CPU deep sleep bug that affected some devices, which would cause the mission to pause and prevent GPS data from being collected.

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Zombies, Run! APK screenshot
Zombies, Run! android screenshot

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1. Install the APK
2. Copy ‘com.sixtostart.zombiesrun’ folder to ‘/sdcard/Android/obb’
3. Launch the App
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