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AIVC (Alice) - Pro Version APK 3.2 Free Download

AIVC (Alice) Pro version 3.2 APK is a highly rated personal assistant app!
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 3.4 MB
Rating: 3.8/5
Type: Communication

User reviews from the Play Store 
This application works amazingly well, the best AI companion app there is, although it does need some more work. I would like to suggest one thing to the developers, make a cloud system that can collect newly made commands and actions from other users so that the program can advance further, for example if I make a command that when i say "Download (name) from Google Drive" it downloads that specific file and I upload that command to the cloud and every AIVC user can download the command and use it. -Marko Psiho

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AIVC (Alice) Pro Full Description and Features on the Play Store

What’s new in version 3.2
RSS-Feeds at the manager - Integrate your own RSS-Feeds or Newsfeeds and display them (Show instructions)
Show news / Show (health/technology/politics) news
Miele GateWay - Ask information of your household appliances (PRO version)
Improved wake up function
Twitter Bugfix
Beep Bugfix
many Bugfixes 
- App restructure
- Revised design
- Improved performance, wakeup function, places, what time is it, movie information, knowledge base
- Punctuation can be dictated at SMS / Facebook / Email
- Manager: Define command groups and start with an alarm clock. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW INSTRUCTION TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN USE IT!
- If you have installed offline speech recognition you can use a lot of functions also offline for example: Call, message, alarm, calendar, timer, … If any function required a internet connection the app enable and disable the internet automatically. (selectable)
- Speech button layouts selectable via swipe (Swipe the Button to left / right)
- App Recommendations: Recommend me some good games / I’m bored
- Facebook/Email with layout
- Fixed call in speaker mode
- Balloon animation (selectable)
- Stock information (What is the stock price of Yahoo?)
- Show me the trailer of (Movie)
- Show me movies with (Actor)
- What’s on at the cinema?
- Recommend me good movies
- What movies are coming soon in the cinema?
- Video search: Show me videos of (Keyword)
- Do I have unread messages?
- Show me the last message which I have received?
- Show me the last message of (Person)?
- Show me the contact of (Contact)
- Birthplaces: Where was (Person) born?
- Gender: What is the gender of (Person)?
- Height / Size: How tall/big is (Country/Person/Mountain/Building)?
- Weight: What is the weight of (Person)?
- Parents: What are the parents of (Person)?
- Siblings: What are the siblings of (Person)?
- Children: What are the names of (Person) children?
- Date of Death: When is (Person) died?
- Place of death: Where is (Person) died?
- Spouse: What is the name of the spouse of (Person)?
- Nationality: What is the nationality of (Person)?
- Books: What books did (Person) written?
- Date of construction: When was the construction of the (Building)?
- Floors: How many floors does (Building) have?
- Opening Day: When was the opening day of (Building)?
- Total cost: What were the total costs of (Building)?
- Architects: Who was the architect of (Building)?
- Architecture: What is the architectural style of (Building)?
- Gross domestic product: What is the gross domestic product of (Country)?
- Form of government: What is the form of government of (Country)?
- Elavation: What is the elevation of (Ort)?
- Currency: Which currency has (Country)?
- TLD: What is the top level domain of (Country)?
- Provinces/states: How many provinces/states are (Country) have?
- Fertility rate: What is the fertility rate in (Country)?
- Life expectancy: What is the life expectancy in (Country)?
- Country code: What is the country code of (Country)?
- Language: What languages ??are spoken in (Country)?
- Rate of unemployment: What is the unemployment rate in (Country)?
- River length: How long is the (River)?
- Mouth: In which sea does the (River) flows?
- Company leadership: What is the name of the head of (Company)?
- Employee: How many employees does (Company) have?
- Founder: Who founded (Company)?
- Date of foundation: When was (Company) founded?
- Place of founding: Where was (Company) founded?
- Headquarters: Where is the headquarters of (Company)?
- Navigation now possible with Sygic
- Change language with voice: Speak german with me
- Dialog mode activated by language: Enable dialog mode
- Select language independently of the system language
- Multiwindow
- Swipe Home-Button to launch the app (Jelly Bean)
- Bluetooth Bug fixed
- Take a picture / Record a video / Record audio
- Read clipboard
- many Bugfixes

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AIVC (Alice) Pro Version APK Download Link:
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