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Garfield’s Wild Ride Android Apk

Garfield’s Wild Ride 1.0 apk is here for all you fans out there. Free download and have fun in this crazed side-scrolling runner game.
Garfield’s Wild Ride APK Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 35 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Wild Ride User Reviews:
"Fun game. It's almost like Jet pack Joyride. But it has glitches. One glitch is Super Garfield. The meter bug was fixed but it is crawling like a snail. No matter how far you fly 1 meter is taken away. I hope these problems are fixed." -Evans

"Pretty nice game but The mission/quest to fly 300 meters with super garfield is broken. It only goes down one meter for each time I use the power up, even if I flew 200 meters when I used it. Its not impossible to complete but for one of the first missions/quests of the game." -Eric 

The following Review is By Greg Ellwood from
The lasagna-loving lord of laziness, Garfield, has finally found a way to run off some of those calories in Garfield’s Wild Ride, the crazed side-scrolling runner out now on smartphones and tablets. 

Unfortunately for Garfield’s waistline, all this running isn’t going to do him much good, as it all happens when he’s fast asleep. It turns out that when he’s not dreaming of lasagna, Garfield imagines himself hurtling through the air light as a feather in a world loaded with cat gymnastics, loony pick-ups and batty bonuses. Unlikely as it sounds, in his dreams Garfield can defy gravity.

Garfield’s Wild Ride offers accessible single-finger gameplay to guide Garfield through a series of treacherous obstacles as players tackle 45 different missions across 3 radically different environments. Unlikely bonus pickups include jockeying a giant Odie or donning a helmet for a spin on a skateboard, with the option to purchase coins for extra in-game items. Garfield can also be fully customized in wild ways from dashing hats to space-cat, with more costumes available to buy in-game and coming in future updates. Jettison lasagna – it’s time to lift off!

From GamesReviews:
"Garfield has eaten too much - as always - and has decided that he needs to take a nap - as always. He's not likely to get an easy sleep, however, because as soon as his head hits the pillow, he's transported to a mysterious dream world where he can fly by flapping his arms, collect flying lasagne, dodge UFOs and pay exuberant prices for costumes that don't actually matter. Welcome to Garfield's Wild Ride."

Garfield’s Wild Ride Features:
• Both intuitive and easy to use for everyone
• An ever-changing experience: sound effects and music change each time.
• An original adventure game straight from Garfield’s colorful world
• Endless mode for all 4 different worlds with 45 missions to clear.
• Customize Garfield: numerous items and power ups available
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Garfield’s Wild Ride APK Download Link:
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