Thursday, July 11, 2013

Slingshot Racing APK Free Download (Android)

Slingshot Racing apk is a unique racing game which will definitely get you hooked.
Slingshot Racing APKRequirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 32 MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Racing

Slingshot Racing User reviews from the Play Store:
This is a really well produced game. One touch game mechanics, which for a racing game still surprises me. The whole concept was very new to me but you pick it up after a few games. And there is a lot of skill involved in winning the races (along with interesting race-track diversions), which makes it really fun and challenging. -Ashish

Slingshot Racing has smooth gameplay with excellent physics! Extremely well done. Never the same twice. Easy to learn, hard to master, and fun every minute while trying to do so. Don't have to be online to play (always a plus). -Teek

"Unique physics, no unfair levels, no costly upgrades needed to have heaps of fun."

Super addictive gameplay
Revolutionary controls, easy to pickup and difficult to master
Stunning graphics with gorgeous 3D effects, shadows, and particle systems
4 player simultaneous play on one device! Play against your whole family!
Tweet or post your high scores on Facebook
Tablet and phone devices supported

What’s new in version
Fixed crash on VideoCore IV devices.
Disabled review prompt.
- Removed unnecessary permission
- Fix for cloud saves crashing the app on some devices
- Due to a number of issues some players were having Google+ integration (required for Leaderboards, Achievements and Cloud saves) is now an opt-in service through the G+ button on the title screen.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Slingshot Racing APK v1.3.3.4 Download Links:
Google Play Store


Uploaded by Chathu

Pro Tip: To deploy the hook try picking a corner of the screen and just keep pressing there. You do not need to press on the towers to slingshot.

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