Monday, April 20, 2015

Survivalcraft APK free download for Android

In Survivalcraft 1.27 apk you're playing the most exciting pixelblock game around! v1.27 update added clothes, armor, new engine, AI improvements, and much more.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 8 MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Survivalcraft User Reviews:
"This and Minecraft are two of the best and most addicting games on the Android market today. In the future, we hope the dev considers expanding the scope of the world/map and adding towns/cities with actual block people."-Rachael

"Clipped UI! I have Minecraft PE 0.10.5, Block Story, and this game. Of the three, I find myself playing Survivalcraft the most. I only recently acquired the SC license because of my overall disappointment with the other two. This game is well written and in-depth with an interesting story line. So, why only 2 (just dropped from 3) stars after such great praise? The user interface is clipped at the bottom of my screen. I wrote the developer months ago and have not heard back, nor has the problem been addressed. I can only assume a lack of concern and have rated the app accordingly." -Troy

"One of the beat block games out there! Survival craft is a really fun intense survival game with a fun and realistic game in the sense that you have to eat and sleep. I think it's even better than mcpe and because this game is cheap I recommend you buy it. Also you can download other people's worlds and texture packs and its endless worlds!" -Dan

"Survivalcraft is far better than Minecraft on mobile but what this game need is protection like body armor and machinery and probably modes like zombie apocalypse for a new survival experience. ..but still a good game."

"Brilliant for a real adventure - circuits, horses, texture packs, swirching from Creative to Survival and game modes straight out of the box. Don't be squeamish - it can be worth your time digging into graves!" -Rita

What’s new in Survivalcraft apk
1.27 Changes
Added campfire
Added moose
Added carpets
New creative inventory
More clothes
Lightning button
AI improvements
New engine
More realistic water transparency and fog
More inventory slots many more, see

1.26 Changes
Added clothes & temperature effects,
Added armor,
Added belugas and barracudas
Added cassowarys,
Added pumpkin and cotton farming, many more, see
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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