Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ocean HD Apk v1.8.1 (Friendly Seas Pack)

You can now download Ocean HD 1.8.1 (live wallpaper) apk with Friendly Seas Pack for android, the perfect addition to your android customization suite.

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 5.21 MB
Rating: 4.6/5
Type: Personalization

Ocean HD App User Reviews:
"This is by far the best live wallpaper on the android market. It's beautifully detailed and relaxing to watch in your downtime. If you've tried the free version and loved it I would recommend buying the full version with the add-ons. Every single day you could experience a different ocean adventure. The only thing I feel would improve it, would be the ability to have more than one sea creature at a time. Or add more magic this LWP by maybe adding a mermaid." -Sam

"I have almost all of their wallpapers. Ocean HD is really cute and clear. Looks great on my 12" tablet and my phone. I have all of the addons too." -Lenae

"I have a suggestion for this live wallpaper can you add more fish to choose from in it like clown fish, puffer fish, and other fish in the Ocean. Also can you add crabs crawling across the ocean floor in the shallow water scene and also have shrimp and sea stars. Also can you add octopus and jellyfish in each of the scenes. I absolutely love Ocean HD live wallpaper it's amazing and the best one yet!" -Corbin

What’s new in latest version 1.8.1 (Friendly Seas Pack included)
The 'Friendly Seas Pack' is available for purchase! It features a fully animated Dolphin, Sea Turtle, interactive Sea Horses, new themes, and more!
Also includes:
Double-tap (or choose another gesture) to change scenes!
Swaying sea grass in the Shallow Seas environment!
Accurate time of day with moon / sun, and lighting changes!
Shark Pack owners get a new Thresher shark in the background!
Many other fixes and improvements

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Uploaded by Chathu

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