Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Root Explorer 3.3.3 Apk Free Download

Root Explorer apk 3.3.3 is the best root/file manager/explorer to date! Go through the app reviews below, download and see for yourself.
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Size: 1.3 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Productivity

Root Explorer App Reviews:
If you have root don't think twice to spend some money on this kind of an app. It's just plain simple and easy to use with a lot of functionality. Even if the aesthetic of interface is a little dated it's just works very well and you'll be pleased by it, I'm sure. -Lucas

Whether you're a power user or Android noob, Root Explorer has you covered for basic to advanced file transfer or permissions related tasks. Stop searching now, you've struck gold. -Christopher

"Simply outstanding! No other root browser has come close to tempting me to switch. Does exactly what its supposed to, with a very easy to understand and navigate ui, and every root capability I have ever needed in a file explorer. Also has a great update/fix record." --Don Parker

"Best file manager available on Android! Continues to get better after all this time. Even if you're not rooted, it's still worth getting for access to local storage, Box, Drive, and Dropbox all in one app." --George Davis

"I have been using root explorer for 3 years now and kudos to the dev for continuing to make updates to the app and making the UI even more user friendly! Worth every penny if you are just using it to remove bloat ware from a freshly rooted phone!" --Joe Biesek

"No Question The best file manager for Android. Recommend you be rooted. Once you are then this app is the answer to full file exploring and permission management. If you are a lazy noob then don't bother installing because all you'll do is unfairly rate the app and the Dev. This app is best and only getting better" --A Google User

"I have used many of the other options out there. Root Explorer is the best file browser there is. It has tabbed windows and searches make for easy navigation and file moving, access to the entire device if rooted, viewing the guts of apk files, a light weight text editor, fast searches, multi select, and more that I know im forgetting. All of it works perfect. Root explorer is one of the first apps I install when messing with new devices or roms. You need this." --A Google User

Description & Features:
Root Explorer Features on the Play Store

What’s new in version 3.3.3
Updated to latest Dropbox SDK
A few tweaks and fixes
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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