Wednesday, July 29, 2015

EveryCircuit APK 2.16 Download & Reviews - Android

This is a powerful and indispensable tool to simulate circuitry. Free download EveryCircuit apk update 2.16 and build any circuit you want on the go right on your android phone or tablet.

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Size: 5MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Tools

EveryCircuit user reviews:
I've had this app since 2012, I bought it a year ago. EveryCircuit has to be one of the best circuit Sims out there. It has a custom SPICE engine just for android. I have MultiSim on my PC, and this app comes really close with its predictions. Considering the lack of having full sized computing horsepower on a tablet or phone, this IS the best circuit sim for android, period. And it's the sexiest circuit eye candy on android, EVER. -Christopher

At first I was disappointed about having to pay for components. As I bought 2 component from EveryCircuit free version and saw you wanted to charge more on the next updates and there was no way I would continue to support the product. After I saw that you choose to remove the components fee, I then decided to buy the full apps. -Johnathan

Absolutely amazing! without it I couldn't understand my circuit labs. A must have for students. Any time and literally anywhere you can build a circuit and just see how it flow as if it was real. -Google User

This is an invaluable tool for visualizing how circuits work, easy to manipulate and adjust components to see what happens and to find good stable limits and limitations -Alan

This app is a life saver if you're an electrical or computer engineering student. I expect it to be very useful after college as well for my career or projects. -Todd

EveryCircuit features:
+ Thousands of public community circuits
+ Animations of voltage waveforms and current flows
+ Animations of capacitor charges
+ Analog control knob adjusts circuit parameters
+ Automatic wire routing
+ Oscilloscope
+ Seamless DC and transient simulation
+ Single play/pause button controls simulation
+ Saving and loading of circuit schematic
+ Mobile simulation engine built from ground-up
+ Shake the phone to kick-start oscillators
+ Intuitive user interface
+ No Ads
Detailed Features on the Android Market

What’s new in latest version 2.16 (September 24, 2015)
Support for IEC symbols
Minor UI changes
Ver 2.14
Voltmeter, amperemeter, ohmmeter
Sign in by username
Ver 2.09
Oscilloscope can plot I-V and other curves
Oscilloscope can plot four waveforms of any nature

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

EveryCircuit 2.16 APK download links:
EveryCircuit Store



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Previous versons:
ver 2.15 | ver 2.14

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