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God of Blades APK + DATA Free Download - Android

God of Blades (apk with sd data) version 1.1 is fighting action at its best. Free download the game for some bloody combat.
God of Blades APK
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 111 MB
Rating: 3.3/5
Type: Arcade & Action

God of Blades Android User Reviews:  
As everyone else has noted, the combination of the graphics, music, sound, and smooth gameplay make a more compelling experience than most other Android platform fighting games. Any familiarity with the pulp fantasy of Moorcock, et al. will heighten your enjoyment. I'm particularly fond of the ability to unlock special weapons by checking in at your local library. Version 1.1 ran smoothly and without issue on a Galaxy S2 and a 1st gen Nexus 7. I look forward to White Whale's next endeavor. -Christian

That's a pretty high-quality Android game, nice premise, good graphics, intuitive gesture controls - it's all there. I'm sorry for the people experiencing corruption and glitches, but for me it runs perfectly on Galaxy S3, Note 2 and Asus Infinity tablet. -Victor

It's a work of art, something very hard to deliver with small budgets. I have played for about 18 years most of my life, and I really appreciate when someone takes a risk and try to do something a little different, God of Blades runs excellent on Samsung s3 . -Claudio

Your character constantly runs forward, and you swipe up, down, or right for different attacks and left to block. The enemies are varied and timing, spacing and blocking are key to landing hits and avoiding damage. It's also extremely polished with good graphics, animation and music. Runs smoothly on my Gnex. -Nathan

God of Blades Features:
- 11 Breathtaking, handcrafted environments and art inspired by pulp novel covers, classic RPG modules, and 1970s rock
- Extensive Campaign mode includes gorgeous cinematics and an epic story in the tradition of fantasy sagas past.
- An array of unlockable weapons, each with a unique look, feel, power, and history— learn their tales and develop your own fighting strategies. Banish your enemies to other dimensions, cover them in flames, slow time to achieve impossible blows, summon raging storms, coat them in soul-devouring worms and more!
- Addictive, emergent, physics-driven combat makes every duel unique—shatter weapons, armor, and send your foes flying. No two duels are the same.
- Eternal mode offers white-knuckle survival gameplay- how long can you last the different warriors that comprise the void-crazed horde?
- Pit your swordfighting prowess against the monstrous Voidchosen—procedurally generated master warriors.
- Stellar aural experience, featuring tremendous sound design, and an album-length score reminiscent of
- Unlock select weapons by visiting real world libraries, using our innovative feature, Loreseeker.

What’s new in God of Blades version 1.1
- Major performance tweaks on Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, etc.
- Fixed graphical glitches occurring on Samsung Galaxy S3 and other similar devices
- Added option in start screen menu options for toggling high end graphics

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- Extract and Install Apk
- Copy ‘com.whitewhalegames.godofblades’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
- Launch the Game
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