Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ultra Keyboard Apk & Reviews

Ultra Keyboard apk is available for free download. Try it for yourself and compare to the competition.
Ultra Keyboard APKRequirements: Android 1.5 and up
Size: 4MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Tools

App User Reviews from the Play Store: 
Ultra Keyboard is feature packed but rough at the edges. What sold it for me was access to cursor, editing and number keys all on one page. The swype tracking isn't as accurate as many of its competitors and also its choice of suggestions isn't as intuitive. For example when swiping from "o" to "f" it inserts "off" but "of" is a more popular word. This is just one of many examples. When tapping instead of swiping it would be nice to disable auto suggest as this would be useful for entering codes into documents but no keyboards have this feature. Update: I'm updating my review to 4 star. Some features seem to be behaving better now after turning Them off then on in the preferences. Tracking and suggestions could be better but I prefer this over the competition. All the keyboards out there make mistakes but the cursor control on this one allows me to fix them easier. -Jonathon

Love having arrow keys on my tablet. Ultra Keyboard has everything I need including easy accented character entry and easy switch of language and dictionary. -Guy

This app has features better than the vanilla Samsung keyboard, which is why I use it. But it is buggy, and fraught with lock-ups that require frequent phone re-boots at a min, and an uninstall/re-install most likely to fix literal freezes. Terrible reliability. -Steve

Description & Features:
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What’s new in version 7.0.1
• Fixed issue deleting characters on Galaxy devices.
• Fixed various crashes.
• Full-screen mode
• New tracing animation
• Physical key actions
• Improved camera mode (with front-facing support)
• New theme styles
• Got rid of HUGE memory leak. Memory usage will be much lower now.
• Many crash fixes.
• LOTS MORE! Way too many to list here.

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