Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mobile Observatory - Astronomy APK Free Download

Mobile Observatory Astronomy 2.45 apk is probably the most powerful astronomy app on the market for both casual and professional astronomers.
Mobile Observatory Astronomy APK 
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 17 MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Education

Mobile Observatory Reviews:
Dynamic astronomical almanac A brilliant app for Android. The app is a storehouse of scientific and astronomical information, easily accessible, and well-organized. Find an event or an object, locate it on a sky map. Beautiful. I bought version one of this app, used it for a while, moved on to Sky Safari Pro, but when I got the Nexus 10 recently I became re-acquainted with Mobile Observatory. What a wonderful surprise. -Allen

I've just started using it so I haven't found all the capabilities but it has vast information available. I used to need several apps to get all this. And it is presented in accessible fashion. -Malcolm

An extremely concise and convenient astrological resource in your pocket. An amazing piece of mobile astrological information at your finger tips. -Robert

Highly usable, nicely designed and flexible. It seems accurate and efficient (it doesn't seem to use power when left in background, unlike some apps). Maps are attractive and very detailed. New graphical alt-az allsky overview map is helpful and novel (though it's less useful in per-object listings). I do wish for a way to report apparent diameter, and illumination phase, for solar system objects. -Stuart

Massively useful app for any interest in astronomy. Functional and relatively easy to understand. The location-based information it delivers saves a lot of mental arithmetic and disappointment. -Bradley

Mobile Observatory Features:
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What’s new in full apk version 2.45
- Several bugs eliminated
- Improved collection of objects in Tonight’s Best
- Near earth asteroid 2004 BL86 proven
- Improved Location settings
- Improved time/date dialog
- Live view improved (sensor fusion)
- Improved Sky View
- Light pollution simulation
- Orbits of comets and minor planets displayed in Top-Down-View
- French localization
- Additional object categories in database
- Locations of 400 astronomical observatories added
- Several bug-fixes

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