Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SAMURAI SHODOWN II APK v1.2 Free Download - Android

The second act begins in SAMURAI SHODOWN II apk version 1.2. It's time to slash your way to evil in this perfect android port by SNK. Read the reviews and free download on direct link below.
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 42 MB
Rating: 3.8/5
Type: Arcade - Action

It's great, but needs improvement I've both compliments and complaints about this game. It brings back memories for just $4, and it's all mine! No more quarter-placing and waiting for the next round. The game stays true to what the SS-series represents - a whole lot of violence with difficulty that'll keep most novice players away from thinking that it is a "play, beat, then throwaway" kind of a game. Great job on the training section - even on SS1 I wish they had this option so that I could try out the moves for individual characters. That being said... please decrease the initial difficulty settings, it is way too difficult! I remember crushing this game on the arcade set around lvl 4 (knew the arcade manager), but even at lvl 1 this Android version is impossible. I'm pretty much stuck at the fifth person and can't go on with the game due to CPU power and intelligence. Training mode needs to have a "CPU ATTACK" and "CPU DIFFICULTY" settings so that the player/a can practice in a realistic situation. I always found that helpful when playing KOF games on PSX. Can something be done about the controls? There seems to be quite a lag in responsiveness.

Blast from the past Samurai Shodown. My favorite game series ever. Please bring Samurai Shodown IV to Android...for me the best one of the series. -Francisco

My favorite fighting game ever. Beautiful and gorgeous game to watch. Very hard even on easy level but worth the frustrations. If you are into fighting games then I would recommend totally. -Ralf

I noticed a lot of comments here about the difficulty level of the game. Level 1 is way too hard, but it appears that the difficulty levels are reversed. Level 8 is the easiest and level 1 is the hardest. You need to do more testing, but it looks that way to me. Great game, brings back so many arcade memories. Awesome port. It could be a bit more responsive in the controls, but well adapted to the Android device in general. -Fuat

* The fan favourite installment in SNK's highly acclaimed series!
* An incredible cast of 15 charismatic master swordmen head to the battlefield in order to fulfill their destiny.
* A new and expanded move list! Disarm your rivals by unleashing a Weapon Smash Attack!
* A perfect port of this NEOGEO classic, adding new features for an even better experience!
* Challenge your friends via Bluetooth!
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What's new in version 1.2
- Addition of a training mode feature
- Addition of custom key mapping feature for Bluetooth controller
- Minor bug fixes

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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Install Apk, Copy ‘com.dotemu.neogeo.samsho2′ Folder sdcard/Android/data , Launch the Game!

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