Friday, October 4, 2013

Wave Control Pro Apk v2.80

With Wave Control Pro apk you can use can wave your hands to control audio/video players and calls even when the screen is off!
Wave Control Pro Apk Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 1.5 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Tools

User Reviews:
I use this every day. Driving, at work, at home, everywhere. The launch in background option and gesture selection are actually the main reasons I went pro and it makes a big difference. I wish you could easily switch target media app or just have it control multiple but that's not a huge deal. Wave control pro is great! -Bryant

Very handy for podcasts. Limits aren't programmers fault but trace to novel and unanticipated use of phone hardware. It doesn't work with Doggcatchter well and doesn't offer phone unlock as other gesture apps claim to. It may not always save settings but a worthy effort. -Rick

It's an excellent way for me to quickly access my most used app, and a couple of other nifty features without me having to muck around. It's a good glimpse into some interesting ways to use a smart phone. Support developers like these for some innovative breakthroughs. -Jamie

I cook on a greasy grill for 10 hours or more on a daily basis. So as you can imagine, It would be pretty freakin' sweet to be able to listen to some music from time to time (Constantly!) and without having to worry about my poor phone. This application,along with my Bluetooth speaker, has completely revolutionized the whole prospect of listening to music at work. Seriously, great job. Absolutely worth every penny." -Johnson

Wave Control Pro Features:
This Pro version gives all current and future features at no additional cost.
Actions for Pro: Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Volume Up/Down, Launch Google Voice Search, Screen Toggle On/Off, Toggle UI, Recent Apps, Cycle Apps, None
Known Issues:
Galaxy Ace, Y, and Fit: Try a different music app for the list further down.
If Screen Off not working - Turn on Device Administrator in Settings Tab

What’s new in apk version 2.80
- Added support for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gesture Sensor
- New Quick Setup for Target Audio app and Sensor setup.
- Can adjust sensor timing now. Should help slower sensors work much better, especially HTC phones.
- Fix for speakerphone not activating with call controls – Needs new permission: Modify Audio Settings
- Fix for crash on exit bug on some phones

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Wave Control Pro 2.80 APK Free Download Links:
Wave Control Store


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