Monday, November 18, 2013

Call of Duty: Strike Team Apk + Sd Data Files v1.0.40

Download Call of Duty: Strike Team apk version 1.0.40 with sd files free for android. Enjoy a new kind of Shooter games. Prepare for war, command your squad and crash the enemy! Read the user reviews below for more information.
Call of Duty Strike Team APK

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 0.9GB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Arcade & Action

COD Strike Team User Reviews:
"It's pretty much the strike missions from Black Ops 2. If the title wasn't enough of a hint. Unlike when I first got the game, it runs fairly decently, though it feels slow. Having some graphics settings would certainly be nice. The gyroscope controls also gradually moves the camera down when turned on, which sucks as this is the only game where I like gyroscope controls." -Ian

"Refreshing to see a game on the app store that isn't ruined by the usual monetization gimmicks. This game builds further onto the COD: Black Ops universe. While it isn't groundbreaking in the gaming world, it was an oasis among all the knockoff apps that lack any creative drive or those dishonorable games that try to live off of AAA studios name recognition by selecting portions of names from those studios' titles. The use of touch controls and the gyroscope was a great design choice for a difficult problem tablets pose for game controls. Plays like you'd expect out of a Call of Duty game." -Jones

"It's not an Xbox one but when it comes to shooter games it is the best out there right now it actually lets you interact with the whole map, it is not a one way track game." -Sebastian

"Confirmed on nvidia shield tablet and android 5.0.1. A very ambitious title close to a Gb in size (give or take). RTS and fps switch on the fly. I would love to see multiplayer functionality. Squad vs squad and commander or commander vs commander, Team death match. Loading times need more optimization." -Matthew

“I'm not one for C.O.D outside of the zombie modes, but this game is epic. Mainly for finally feeling like I'm actually in charge of a squad. The overhead tactical drone view really sold me on this game. It added actual military strategy to the game. Loved it. I've seen other reviews here stating the game lags in play when looking and such on Nexus 7. I haven't seen anything like that. The game seems to lag at the very end of missions at the end of the cutscenes which isn't an issue. And the title screen freezes when it finally logs me in, but a lot of other games do that. It's a part of the logging in process. FPS mode seems a bit easy with the auto lock on. Overall this is one C.O.D title I'll be playing constantly.” -Kenneth 

What’s new in apk version 1.0.40
 *Bug fixes and performance optimizations.
- Optimizations and bug fixes for both the Gyroscope and Touch Controls
- Added support for the Google Nexus 5
- Added support for the Samsung Galaxy Note II
- Added support for the Google Nexus 10
- Added support for the Samsung Galaxy Note
- Added support for the Sony Xperia S and Z models

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Call of Duty Strike Team v1.0.40 Apk+Data Files Download Links:
COD Play Store 

Direct Drive

Part1 | Part2

Install the apk, extract Sd Data and copy the extracted folder to Android/obb, and play!
NOTE: To extract Sd Data use 7Zipper (or Zarchiver) on android OR PeaZip or similar on desktop.

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Direct Drive

Part1 | Part2

v1.0.30.40254 Apk+Data Backup Links

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  1. I can't launch the game.
    There is a warning: "Download failed, you may not have purchased this app."
    Any solutions about this problem?

    1. That error means you didn't place the data folder into Android/obb/,
      if you do not have an 'obb' folder then create one in the same path (in internal memory Android/obb)
      (you need to extract the 2 Data parts first using 7zipper for android or some similar app.)

      did u try v1.0.30.40254 or v1.0.40?!
      I recommend v1.0.30.40254 !

    2. This is strange, I have the obb folder in my Galaxy S5...
      Yes! I used v1.0.30.40254 in "Apk+Data Backup Links".

    3. My mistake, I have used the v1.0.30.40254 Apk with the Data in "Apk+Data Backup Links", Maybe these v1.0.30.40254 apk are different.
      Uhm, now I have another problem with this game.
      Anyway thanks for your help!!