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Football Manager Handheld 2014 Apk

Download Football Manager Handheld 2014 apk with sd data version 5.0.4 free for your android. Enjoy the newest release of the best football manager sim available on the market!

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 30 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Sports Games

User Reviews from the Play Store:
“Another great title! Fresh new faced interface and more in depth details of players. However... why is it costing me ridiculous amounts of money to buy half decent players when all the other clubs are buying world class players at a lesser price!? It doesnt make sense. Please look at the other reviews and you can see the same comments, so please rectify and i would happily change to 5 star. Definately a must buy other than that. Thank you keep up the hard work guys!” --Adam Cartwright

“Excellent game, moved to FMH after the main game got too detailed and time consuming to play. This is a great balance between detail and speedy play. Would like to see a few more features such as team talks and proper background staff (especially since I am on a high-end device) but can't fault it. Needs a 1080p skin.” --Phil Hood

“I've played FM for years, but this one just seems impossible. I'm playing as Aston Villa, bought 3 quality players (4/4.5* ability) and yet I'm still losing and drawing all of my games. I've tried gradually tweaking the tactics; attacking, defensive, balanced, long passing, short, direct, mixed, pressing, counter, etc etc etc, but no joy. I finished my first season 17th and got sacked. I'm just into January on my second season (I started a new game), and I'm 17th currently. Frustratingly difficult.” --Rob Prince

“This is a really good game. I like how you change a lot of things from last year and not only updated the database. The only issue I am facing (and hence the 4 stars) is that, when bidding for a player and another team bids as well, it is almost impossible to buy that player, it enters in some kind of loop where I get messages saying that other teams are in the race for that player and it goes on and on until the transfer window closes (this can go on from the beginning of the transfer window to the end).” --Jesus Ricupero

“To all those slating the game because of lack of player face packs or team/club badges its a licencing thing just like what happened on PES, yes ! £7 is a bit steep but you have to remember to make a great game it cost money” --jack preston

New features:
“A complete redesign of the way the game looks, with improved graphics and a much more intuitive menu system.
- My Club Mode allows you to create your own club from scratch. You choose the club name and kit colours and you assemble your squad. Recreate a classic team or build a squad of family and friends and then enter them into any league or international competition to compete against today’s real teams and players. It’s the ultimate football fantasy experience.
- A more realistic transfer system with more intelligent bids and squad management from AI managers meaning the FMH transfer market reflects the real-world.
- Use the new player progression tracking system to monitor the progress of your players’ attributes over time. These pages chart the improvement or decline of your players’ skills and are the perfect visual aid for making those tough decisions on whether players have a future at the club.
- Improved media interaction, with questions from reporters about your club’s successes, failures and the future. Can you keep the media happy without upsetting the board, fans and squad?
- Improved post-match analysis gives you better feedback on your team's tactical strengths and weaknesses.
- More detailed historic records of previous seasons allow you to look back fondly on past successes.
- You can now choose multiple nations when starting a new game, so your career is no longer limited to one country... you can start managing an English club, but move abroad to manage in another country if you fancy a different challenge or a change in culture*.
*This feature is not available on all devices. Dependent on device capability.”

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