Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Infinite Painter v3.0.4 Apk Full

Download Infinite Painter apk full v3.0.4 for android and use its innovative tools to achieve your masterpiece. This will become your only sketching companion.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 7.8MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Productivity

App Reviews:
My favorite feature-rich illustration app with room to grow. Infinite Painter is a great gift to Android artists that has truly improved since earlier releases. Texture brushes, water colors, smudge and masking options are absolutely empowering and realistic. I LOVE the effects options per layer (bokeh and blur are my faves) and I am getting some fantastic results with my work. And the greatest feature for me has come in with three new vector brushes (hiding in the Ink brush folder), which are smooth and powerful; line and etching effects using the eraser are very welcome. Perspective warp is brilliant. The app has gotten MUCH more stable recently...The bottom canvas texture works perfectly. Exports nicely to .PNG, .jpg and .psd. That said, I can't wait for several little things to get ironed out in this refresh. Brush creation tools don't work very consistently yet. The harmony brushes could use some anti-aliasing though are nice to have. I'd also like to access recent/fav brushes in a tab or as a tool shortcut for my workflow. From time to time it still crashes, but not often enough to be bothersome since it seems to save where I left off. I may be holding on to classic IP for now, but great progress is being made. Dell Venue 3830 x86. -Derick (v3.0.9)

Infinite Painter has tools and settings currently only available on professional programs like photoshop and mangastudio and is extremely customizable but it is also very unstable and has an unintuitive UI that can actually hamper your experience. If it was more stable and responsive then it would be bar none the best program for art on the play store but unfortunately it has too many issues. -Salty

“This app blows the Sketchbook and Photoshop apps out of the water. However, it is lacking one very critical function: the ability to import custom brushes. For digital painters, this is a must-have feature, so until it is possible to do that, this app will only remain a fun little toy. It's good for what it does, and it is one of the best offerings on Android so far... but it has the potential to do so much more if only it had a few more customization features!” -Matthew

Infinite Painter has a wide variety of excellent features that often are not available on other drawing apps, such as perspective guides. But some of these still need to be polished. -Jody

What’s new in full version 3.0.4
-Project grid view
-New bristle brush with independent bristle tracking
-Pressure curve
-Reset brush settings
-Better image importing
-Fixed minor bugs

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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LATEST UPDATE: Infinite Painter 3.0.8 APK

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