Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NBA 2K14 APK Free Download for Android

Download NBA 2K14 apk version 1.0.8, the only basketball game you need for your android device. Test your skills and win the game.

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 690 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Sports Games

“This game actually made basketball fun. Never could get into watching it. Just a lot of running back and forth. Not enough action and physical contact for me like football. Anyway... I wasn't into playing video games either until I got my kindle and tried them out, so this is the first time I've played a video BBALL game. Maybe the 2nd, but I don't remember that one too much. So nothing to compare it to but at first it was a little hard to control the players and shoot. It took me a minute but after you get the flow of the controls and can pass and move the players around easy on the court it's the next best thing to playing bball for real.
The Good: (1) Good graphics (for a tablet game). (2) Realistic gameplay (player and crowd reaction).
The Bad: (1) Hard to control until you get it down. (2) No online multiplayer (just bluetooth)” -Android User

“A little hard to beat teams that have better overall averages than you. So depending on what team you pick you'll probably just end up losing or winning depending on whatever overall average that team has.(I think I beat the Spurs with the Kings). If the Kings average is lower than the Spurs then I'm wrong. The game mode might fix that too. Rookie... Pro... All Star. But for kindle this is the best you'll get. I had to wait until this came out to even get any basketball game worth downloading on Kindle. I haven't tried NBA Jams by EA but the set up looks more like a cartoon than real gameplay.” -By Johnson

“The game took almost 40 minutes to load, but it was well worth the wait. At first you may be discouraged by the controls, but after some time playing the game you really get use to it. Furthermore, The LeBron Career and franchise mode part are a great addition to just Quickplay. In addition, music still plays while on the menu just like the console version. Finally, the graphics are stunning for a tablet and the rosters are up to date. And yes, LeBron is still basically unstoppable... ” -By Peyton Strickland

What's new in version 1.08
* Bug fixes
* Add Leaderboards support
* Add Achievements support

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You can download the Google Play version which has separate Data files (quick installation).

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