Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quake 2 Touch Apk + Full Sd Data Files

Free download Quake 2 Touch apk full version 1.8 with data files for android and start the adventure in this unmatched port of a PC classic. Explore, fight, shoot, maime in a game like no other!
Quake 2 Touch Apk data

Requirements: Android 3.1 and up
Size: 178 MB
Rating: 4.9/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Quake 2 Touch User Reviews:
This app is truly amazing on the shield. I had problems with the invertion and now it's fixed thanks to their excellent support. Music works, online multiplayer works, all the mission packs, mods, you name it! It's a portable quake 2 from the PC version! -Julio

OUTSTANDING PORT OF A PC CLASSIC. The touch controls work great, my Moga controller even better (but definitely not necessary to still have a great experience). The price is perfect and the dev is promt and helpful with answers to questions. -David

“Fantastic port Running great on my HTC One. Quake 2 Touch has a few hiccups but they are few and far between (and most likely due to me running on conservative so it doesn't deserve to lose a star). It's a bit hard to aim on the original moga pocket. But as far as the app I'm loving it.” -Keith

“If you want to use the ouya controller you need to have a keyboard nearby to access the menus so you can save and adjust any settings. And if you have any issues with the game crashing when you try to start it reboot the console.” -Edward

“Best q2 engine port out there, other ports have poorly thought out touch controls and execution. Beloko has put a lot of effort in to his own code for the touch controls and that alone makes it worth the admission price. (I bet it doesn't even buy him a coffee). Evidently there are some out there who must be too young to understand the concept of gpl source code, demos, and classic gaming. Or the fact that idSoftware is one of very few game devs to release their engine source code thanks to John Carmack” -Luke

Quake 2 Touch Features:
UNOFFICIAL Source port of Quake 2 by Beloko Games

Fully customize touch screen controls
Gamepad support - customize all inputs and buttons
Full game Data is included in this release
details on the Play Store

What’s new in this version 1.9.1
Version history:
*Fix settings crash for Android KitKat (4.4)
*Bug fix
*Can now move position of weapon buttons, inventory and weapon wheel
*Secure download of demo data
*Added Weapon Wheel - press centre of screen
*Forced high colour mode
*License bug fix

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Quake 2 Touch 1.8 APK+DATA Files Download Links:
Quake2 Play Store


Install Apk, Copy ‘Beloko’ Folder to sdcard/ , Launch the Game and have fun!
Contributed By Apkman

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