Sunday, December 22, 2013

Business Calendar Pro APK

Download Business Calendar Pro APK free for your android. Professional, easy to use and fast calendar application. User-voted the BEST at what it does.

Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and up
Size: 2.4MB
Rating: 4.6/5
Type: Productivity

App Reviews:

“Simple and quick to use. Love the features and widget. Customizable function and clean look. Totally oraganises my very buisy and hecktic days. With the reminders, I never miss another meeting or deadline. Sinks perfectly with google. Can't live without it. Edit: the new task add-on simply blew my mind.” -A Google User

“Not the prettiest, but it does the job. If they update the app itself to look like the new agenda widget then it would be gorgeous and my only complaint would be gone” -Aleksandr Russell

“This calendar is the best, but the new holo widget is a step backward. Old widget allowed more data to be displayed and had a more orderly look. But, overall, can't beat this calendar app.” -Mike Hewitt

“It does what it should, and it does it well. Wish you could delete items directly from notification drop down.” -Steven Erisch

“I keep coming back to Business Calendar after trying others. Most recently I tried the highly touted new Cal from, but I didn't need its glitzy bells and whistles and missed the practical features and ease of use of Business Calendar. No other calendar offers what this does.” -A Google User

“Overall, this is the best calendar app for Android. This has pretty good configuration options, though personally I'd like to have even more. (It already has about 20 times the options Google calendar app has...) The only thing Google calendar does better is to have faster response to touch actions.” -Mikko Rantalainen

“Completely blows away the rest! I have been using this app for at least two years. It completely blows away the competion. Multiple calendar support is excellent. I can set a view that allows me a variable number of days. I use 4 days on my small screen and 7 days on my large screen. It also allows a variable starting point depending on my preference. On the small screen i center around today. On the large screen i begin on Monday. I like being able to change the color of a specific appointment so it stands out. Great!” --Jeff Newman

“It's great. It syncs very well with your Google Calendar. It has a great looking interface and a very customizable one. Even the widget is customizable. I also would like to note how often this app gets updated. It's awesome. I've never regretted my purchase.” --Dan Pocsidio

“THE best available for business / power users. I've used it for a while, and try others from time to time, but always come back. Perfect balance of style and power. Many others on the market put style well above functionality - they look pretty but leave you wanting for power and flexibility. Not this one!” --Tim Backer

What’s new in version
- email reminders added for Google calendars
- quick meeting responses added

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LATEST VERSION: Business Calendar Pro apk update

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