Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas HD 1.5.4 APK (Live Wallpaper)

Download Christmas HD v1.5.4 APK free for your android. A magical, very vivid live wallpaper that will definitely bring you joy this Christmas. Dazzle your friends and family with its beauty! 

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 7.8MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Personalization

“Absolutely awesome. Liquid smooth on Nexus 7 2013. Beautiful live wallpaper with tons of custom options. You wish most Android games looked this good. If you like the indoor scene you will love the outdoor scene add-on and it is totally worth the small price. Love the mailbox. It would really be cool if the letters in the mailbox had messages in them from other online friends, but that would probably be difficult to implement. Would love to be able to tap the train and make it go around on the track with steam from the locomotive!” --John Lawson

“I look forward to using this live wallpaper every year. I love showing it off to friends and family. Makes the Apple folks extra jealous. I really appreciate all the updates and the new ways to customize the wallpaper. Great job guys!” --Kendra Murthil

“The most beautiful Christmas live wallpaper you could have. It works flawlessly now (Galaxy S3) and doesn't eat away at my battery life. Developer is responsive and helpful. I use it every year, always receive compliments and now have other family addicted to it, too. Merry Christmas!” --Katherine G

“The amount of customization is insane! I can't stop playing with this. And the level of detail is amazing! The personal letter to Santa is a great touch. So's the cat in the window in the outside view.” --Kymberlyn Reed

Gather the family together in a cozy den, in front of a warm crackling fireplace. Your own picture on the mantel is surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, and stockings with your names grace the fireplace. Enjoy a Christmas tree with customizable lights, gifts, and tree topper. Eagerly await Santa's visit with a calendar that counts down the days until Christmas, and leave cookies and a note for Santa Claus. Gaze out the frost-covered window at a picturesque Winter scene while snow gently falls.

Customize every part of the scene, including your own photograph on the fireplace, your text on the stockings and the message for Santa. Choose the color of lights, customize the ornaments, gifts and ribbons, snowflakes, garland, tree topper, and more! You can also show or hide the items in the scene to celebrate the wonders of Christmas in a way that means the most to you.

Optional add-on packs are available for purchase, so you can choose the features most meaningful to you. A classic rendition of a timeless outdoor Christmas painting in 3-D, the Outdoor Pack features a brand-new, fully animated, customizable, and interactive scene of the outside of the house rendered in stunning detail. New themes allow you to choose an inviting traditional look for your house, or a more vibrant modern theme. Write your family name and house number on your very own mailbox, and customize the snowman, sled, Christmas lights, wreath, bows, candles, moon, snow and more. Simply double-tap the screen at any time to switch between the indoor and outdoor scenes.

What’s new in version 1.5.4
Clock on the mantle now shows the actual time!
Stability, performance, and memory improvements

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  1. please post the outdoor theme unlocked apk of this app.