Sunday, December 22, 2013

FlashLight HD LED Pro 1.61 APK

Download FlashLight HD LED Pro 1.61 apk, a simple, uncluttered flash light app for android phones and tablets.
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 2.9MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Tools

FlashLight HD LED Pro User Reviews:
“It's amazing how many flashlight apps don't work or add annoying features and ads. This is simple and looks nice. I bought the pro version not really because of the ads but because this developer makes good things (battery app is awesome too).” -Michael Rudy

“Carrying a small flashlight with me has always been difficult, as I tend to leave it behind me. My mobile is always with me and this app is the most simple and efficient to use with my mobile. Great utility tbat everyone should have on his phone” -Robert Aquilina

“This may be the best flashlight I have ever used. The flashlight on my old phone was only SD so obviously things weren't as clear when I shined it on them. ...shone it? ...waved the bright light, whatever. Anyway since using this HD flashlight, it's like I'm seeing things like never before. Look out darkness, you're about to get blinded by some 1080p! Don't even get me started when I turn on progressive scan mode with the 240Hz refresh rate. You'd better remember to put some sunglasses on! Word.” -A Google User

“I'm happy to support a small developer who has a fine product! It's intuitive yet full-featured. Try the free version first.” -Michael Delugg

“What more could anyone ask? No, it doesn't fold the laundry, make the bed, or brew the coffee. it's a cell phone flashlight. That's all it needs to be and it does this very well.”

There are many flashlight apps, so why get this one ?
- Brightest and most powerful light possible
- It is simple and well designed
- launch it and get light instantly by pressing one button
- uses the integrated FlashLight
- also uses your full screen as a light source (works on all devices)
- add a widget for quick access
Try it. It's simply the best at what it does.

What’s new in version 1.61
- NEW: shows battery level
- Redesigned settings
- Better Test Tool UI
- Various compatibility and stability fixes

FlashLight HD LED Pro APK Download Links:

UPDATE AVAILABLE: Download FlashLight HD LED Pro v1.68

Old v1.61 Apk:
Direct link
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