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Football Manager Handheld 2014 v5.1.1 APK

Football Manager Handheld 201 5.1.1 apk free download for android and enjoy the newest release of the best football manager simulator available on the Play store!

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 30 MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Sports Games

Game Reviews:
“The game has potential but the layout of the screens is terrible! The older layout was far easier to understand and navigate.” -Nick Wilson

“The players icons on the Tactics screen and the player attributes turned blue after a few days of playing. I've tried clearing the data and cache but that does nothing. I also reinstalled the game and all was well for a few days again, but it happened again and all my saves were lost” -Luke 

“I'm Really enjoying this game but needs to iron out a few bugs. For example, the glitch with the reserve side. Everytime you click on it you get a whole different youth setup - different names and different stats - is this supposed to happen as it makes a mockery of trying to recruit from youth setup” -Chris 

“Another great title! Fresh new faced interface and more in depth details of players. However... why is it costing me ridiculous amounts of money to buy half decent players when all the other clubs are buying world class players at a lesser price!? It doesnt make sense. Please look at the other reviews and you can see the same comments, so please rectify and i would happily change to 5 star. Definitely a must buy other than that. Thank you keep up the hard work guys!” --Adam

“This game is fantastic and has the true Football Manager feel about it. This is my first edition on Android as all previous years I played on PSP. This game feels as good, if not better. It is also nice to see that my 4-4-2 Diamond formation works equally well here - I won every game in the Scottish Premier League with East Stirling using it! I have found nothing of any bother or gameplay-ruining standard, and long may that continue! The only thing I would suggest is to be able to search players by nationality. Otherwise, this is worth every penny.” --Dimi

“Awesome! Better than 2013 by a considerable distance in my opinion! £6:99p is a lot of cash 4 a smart phone game! B worth every penny cause I'll get hours of enjoyment from it!!” --Scott

What’s new in version 5.1.1
Added more coach report strings for youngsters
Displayed help pages only after menus are shown
Fixed non-English language form display in comps
Tweaked iPhone5 alignment
Fixed dragging bottom player on squad in some situations
Prevented nationally retired player being called up
Tweaked contract negotiations
Fixed various transfer auction issues
Fixed two instances of stalled transfers
Fixed Spain manager being sacked for no reason
Tweaked loan interest
Made AI managers more likely to give youth a chance
Fixed rare crash on Player Availability screen
Fixed rare transfer crash when continuing
Made Live League Table remember scrollbar position
Fixed Live League Table goal difference text colour
Fixed loan players not being properly released in My Club mode
Tweaked Match Performance in various ways
Tweaked Player Happiness in various ways
Fixed issue playing some challenges in Rep Ireland
Fixed missing "Winners" text on Home screen competition panel
Made various UI tweaks and improvements
Fixed copy protection false positive instance
Improved Android installer significantly
Implemented colour blind mode
Tweaked EvoGen system heavily
Tweaked MyClub striker generation
Fixed WVGA Competition History not displaying correctly
Various other minor fixes and improvements

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