Friday, December 20, 2013

franco.Kernel updater 11.1 APK

Download franco.Kernel updater 11.1 APK free for your android. Use this highly-rated app to manage everything on your franco.kernel powered device from a beautiful user-friendly UI.
franco.Kernel updater 11.1 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up, ROOT
Size: 3.2MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Tools

App User Reviews from the Play Store:
“I have used Franco kernel updater for a while now, and I really think it is a great application to use for messing around with kernel-related stuff. It is intuitive, easy to use yet it allows for powerful changes to be made in terms of how your phone runs. I have installed Franco Kernel before, now Lean Kernel but I can still manage things such as the frequency levels, governor and its relative settings, voltage settings and the like. (There seems to be an issue with Franco r394 and CyanogenMod atm with the Galaxy Nexus). I really like that I can go in on the fly and change the frequency, governor and voltage..” -Alex Potter

“I have to say, franco.Kernel updater is hand down, the best app to use when it comes to customizing your kernel settings. By far, the best investment to date.” -Dane Lee

“Every Android enthusiast knows Franco Francisco's Kernels. He's the best kernel developer out there. You'll search long and hard for a developer out there that will match his customer care. 99% of any contact from a customer is for the purpose of thanking him for his work. The other 1% want technical advice or want to incorporate his work into a project of their own. This app takes the work out of keeping your Franco Kernel in place, updated, backed up and finely tuned. Pay the few dollars and get the best!” -R Callahan

“Working great now after reboot. Changing rating to five stars. Thanks Franco and my apologies for the confusion and hasty conclusion. Keep up the great work man.” -Dave Martin

“Absolutely fantastic especially on nexus 4! Also use it on my nexus 10 and works very well, although not as frequently updated. MORE than worth the cost to support the developer. Also the color settings for the nexus 4 really helped the look of the screen.” --David Nelson

What’s new in version 11.1
* Set on boot is no longer by long pressing, instead you tick the little ticket icon that is visible in all set-on-boot-able items
* Fixed a ton of bugs
* Improved the layouts to make the app much faster in the transitions
* Added back TCP Congestion Algorithm
* Added back OMAP Gamma, Contrast and CAB for the Galaxy Nexus
* Adds an option to display the CPU temperature on the notification
* No more 1 & 0 inputs to enable/disable options
* Added translations for +20 languages

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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Update Available: franco.Kernel updater 12p414 APK

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