Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro v2.13 APK

Download Handrite Notes Notepad Pro v2.13 APK free for your android. Probably the only note-taking app that works. Although it needs some getting used to.
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 4.8MB 
Rating: 4.4/5
Type: Productivity

App Reviews:
“I use this application frequently and it is the best one I have found. It has saved me a ton of paper and has multiple uses. I am thankful to the developers for this wonderful and amazing product! Syncs easily and makes life all around much more organized. Thanks again!” --Daryl

This app is great for taking shorthand-style notes using symbols not part of a normal alphabet. For me, this allows much faster input than is possible with any on-screen keyboard. One problem I frequently encounter though is I can't seem to dot my lower-case 'i's. --Josef

“I do a lot of studying so I was looking for an app that suits my needs. I loved the way handrite looks being able to form notebooks and visually see them I thought was perfect. I even had no problem in buying the app, but it has way too much lag, not for extensive notes at all! And it crashes all the time! I can't even finish editing my notes before it crashes. 2 stars for the graphics only!!” -- Omega

“Probably the best note taking app that allow hand writing on the play store, flexible and has everything that I want. Only downside is that the preview interface isn't very pretty, can be made more "modern" looking Edut: Using it more revealed the inconvenience of the app: the lack of graph paper as an interface as well as the lack of freedom on how to manage the paper. Still the best for non-note devices” --John 

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro Features:
Copy & Paste text and pictures (even from other apps)
Freely edit and format your handwritten page with spaces, carriage returns and backspace delete of entries
Organize notes by notebook, date, label and title
Desktop widget for instant access and for use as sticky note
Instantly switch between handwriting and the software keyboard whenever necessary
Make your notes and memos beautiful with professionally designed paper styles
Customizable pen styles, including a unique variable thickness line setting, makes your writing look as beautiful as from a fine fountain pen
Insert images in the body of your note page
Reliable auto-save so you never lose your note

What’s new in version 2.13
Performance improvement.
Fix an FC caused by corrupted note file.
ealier versions:
Add Ads into the Free version.
Integrate with Open Sync for note syncing.
Improve writing performance.
Faster loading the index page.
A better UI feedback for index building.
Translations: German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian.
Index page: After "cut", "paste" should be disabled under the same folder.

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