Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maverick Pro 2.4.1 APK

Maverick Pro 2.4.1 apk update made searching places possible, added support for more new tracks formats, added external SD card option, and much more.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 2.6 MB
Rating: 4.4/5
Type: Travel & Local

Maverick Pro User reviews from the Play Store: 
“Glad they keep improving what is for me still the best app for UK walkers. I've tried a few programs, this is the best I have found for UK walking.” --A Google User

“It might not have all the known tracks but it is most probably the second best one available. In fact it is better than some of the ,maps that you pay for . paying little money for extra waypoints is a real bargain” --A Google User

“Nice App for ATV riders. We use this app and the bing hybrid maps to find new trails to ride, track the distance we've traveled and to find our way home again. Really wish it would let me download map areas rather than just caching the areas I've viewed and make it easier to save maps to the sdcard. These are both possible with Maverick Pro but would like it to be easier.” --David MacLean

“I have been looking for an app to take over from HTC's Footprint. Maverick Pro definitely does it - and even more so! Takes a little to get used to the interface but it is by far outweighed by the speed and usability of the app. Went Pro pretty fast, and I do not regret it!” --Michael Schollert

“I use it to keep track of my docks on the lake as I'm a dock builder. My only complaint is if my device is lost or stolen or destroyed yes I can redownload app but all my waypoints are lost and I have to start over. Is there a way to store this info so its not lost from device to device? That would be the cherry on my pie.” --Robby Noble

“I would like to personally thank the developers and it works great in the deep Appalachian Mountains without 4G could be a lifesaver to me and my family who are enthusiastic hikers. You guys are great so I purchase the full version to support your future works. Great life saving application” --Cliff Jones

What’s new in version 2.4.1
• Address/places search.
• Using new Fused Location Provider.
• Support for tracks formats:
• GPX (routes)
• PLT (OziExplorer)
• KML (Google Earth)
• NMEA (Canon 6D, S100, etc)
• Pebble support.
• Segments in tracks.
• Better multi-touch.
• Google Street View.
• NearMap Australia (paid service).
• Use external SD card option in Settings.
• Improved UI.
Beta versions are available in this community:

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