Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO 3.4.3 APK

Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO apk 3.4.3 is the Best app to protect your data and device against theft, viruses, spyware and much more.

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Size: 7 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Communication

"I have always been an AVG user on my home computers, so I figured I can't go wrong on my phone. I have tested all the online features with the exception of "Wipe everything" and they all worked perfectly. The Locate my phone works best with the GPS turn on; I usually have that off to save battery life. With the GPS off it will located the phone to the nearest tower. The Shout out plays whatever your ring tone is. Mine is a long song so it plays loud and long so I can't miss finding my phone. If you use a short ringtone it may not play long enough to find your phone. My only complaint with a long song is there is no way to shut it off once you locate your phone. Also there can be a delay of up to several minutes before the Shout actually activates your phone to start "ringing". The lockout feature works perfectly on my HTC my touch 4g phone. For obvious reasons I haven't tried the Wipe feature, but I am sure it will work like the rest of the features." -Greg

"I used to always worry when I would Google questions and download new apps with few download and have my phone catch a virus and destroy my phone or worse steal all the info and destroy it. So it's really good to see each downloaded app getting scanned, it's nice to have the option to set Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO to scan your phone daily too!" -Ben

"I've tried other anti virus in the app store and so far AntiVirus Security PRO is the best. Best features: no annual subscription, feature filled (love the app locker), works silently in background without any annoying notifications." -Erwin

"I've used grisoft avg on my home comp for the past 8 years with no complaints. I Have used avg on my android for the past 3 years with the same results. Keep up the good work grisoft. McAfee, Norton, and the like spend more time and money on public relations than they do on there product." -Arturo

What's NEW in version 3.4.3
- Bug fixes

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v3.4.3 APK:
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