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PixelPhone PRO 3.1.7 Apk Free Download

Download PixelPhone PRO 3.1.7 APK free for your android. An amazing and neat app to manage the entire aspects of your phone or tablet. Feel the difference!

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 4.6MB
Rating: 4.6/5
Type: Communication

PixelPhone PRO Reviews:

★ A Couple User Reviews from the Play Store: ★
“I choose PixelPhone as the replacement for my stock phone/people app on HTC ONE. And i'm happy with my choice. App is running smoothly, there is no lags or issues. Synchronizes contacts easily and offers easy way to call or write SMS - just to slide contact name to the left or right side to get expected action activated. Search on main screen searches for calls and contacts, find numbers and names. Easy and quick. With few latest updates (new skins and features) its getting better and better.”Radek Pelc

“Handy, responsive and easy to use, saves time and touches when dialing. My only issue is that the 'last screen' option of the contacts display menu does not open the last screen actually, if that was the tiled view of groups, but list of groups or contact view. Other than that, congrats to the dev team.”Ivan Tachev

“Perfect Contact application! I only needed an app to update contact photos for 400+ contacts and ended up replacing this as my phone/dialer/contact app!”Byron Reid

“I gave the app four stars for the simple fact that it doesn't have a business directory intergrated into it. It should be set up something like (call my name) that is a great hookup but it needs to be like Pixel, now if the Pixelphone Devs consider intergrating a business directory into this awesome app no other phone app in Google playstore would have a chance so Pixelphone Devs please consider this suggestion, I mean just take a look at the app Call my name.”Michael Branch

“I'll give 5 stars, if you have a satisfactory answer/solution to this question: how can I search in my company directory contact list (Global Address book), guys? I didn't find it yet.”Bacskai Robert

“It's great you can't get any better! What I like the most is the ability of andding another favorite ,,, example at the main favorite slide to the right and got the other favorite ( friends , labour ... )”Abdallh Almutayib

"Great!!!!! I really like this I have galaxy 3 and wanted to be able to store more of my calls in my call log and this app is great and does everything that I can ask for. It's simple. I'm very satisfied." --Tasha B  

"Impressive! This app has so many useful features that it is beyond impressive! It should come pre-baked in all Android phones." --Jaime Swindell  

"They fixed it! I used this on my GS3 and ran into some issues when I installed it on my Galaxy S4. They fixed it though and it's great!" --Richard Avery

• Quick and easy organization of favorite contacts into groups
• Smooth scrolling groups up and down
• Quickly navigate to a group by swiping your finger
• Tap on bottom group indicator to hand pick a group
• Different size of icons and labels to contacts for each group
• Favorite action for contact in one-touch (call, send message, locate address, …)
• The contact card with details and history of calls
• Classic or widescreen background image for groups
• Quick T9 search through all fields of contacts and call history
• Support for multiple languages for T9 search
• Customizable dialpad size (small, medium and large)
• Display the call history (the grouping, missed/all calls …)
• Support dialpad gestures (hide the keyboard, clean filters or undo input)
• Customizable contact list (photos,...

Configure PixelPhone as you like! Select your favorite background images, assign photos to contacts and you’ll experience extra pleasure calling or even just launching the application.

CAUTION: For emergency calls (911, 112, …) PixelPhone uses the stock Contacts app, so uninstall/disable it is not recommended! Test calling emergency services firstly, before you start using PixelPhone!

What’s new in version 3.1.7
- NEW! Classic Black theme
- NEW! DualSIM support (SIM-card associations with phone mask or contact, name, colors, ...)
- Optimization and some bug fixes...

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