Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Solo v1.63 Apk & Reviews (Play Guitar On Android)

Download guitar app Solo v1.63 apk for android, the most popular virtual guitar application on the Play Store. Play your favorite songs or rough up new ones and GET JAMMING!

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Size: 8.4MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Entertainment

App Reviews:
“Chords, Fret mode, Electric and Acoustic guitars, Vibrating strings! This really performs on the Nexus 7, love playing it during t.v. commercials, sometimes I even jam along with the CSI sound tracks! Having loads of fun, thanks for the hard work Coding Caveman, you rock!” -Kerry Cheeks

“I've had this app for maybe 3 years now, and I still use it often. I appreciate all work you put into this app. I'm looking forward to seeing how it grows. I hope to see hammer on, mute string, and pull off features, and maybe a way to cheat around the single touch point problem to use barre chords, like a gesture or pull tab. I bet there will be more voices, or even realtime effects like digital delay, distortion, wah, tremolo, and reverb.” -Michael C

“There is no better virtual guitar app for android, but it would be better still with string bending in fret mode. Regardless, I thoroughly recommend this app.” -Jacob Roberts

“It works perfectly, is easy on the eyes and packs some unique features. You can overlay any website onto the guitar so you can look at tabs while playing. Sound quality is superb but does get a bit scratchy at the highest volume. Galaxy note 2.” -A Google User

“Flawless. Love the custom chords, and layout. The addition of the fretboard is nice too. Runs smooth, hands down the best mobile guitar app. This one does it all” -A Google User

PocketLint Review/Description:
Very simply put, Solo turns your phone into a guitar. The top of the screen allows you to select what chord position you’d like your virtual hand to be in and then you just strum the entire screen or pluck whatever individual notes you choose. Once you’ve had enough of that, you can head into the chords menu where you can select just about anything you could think of as well as go into the editor and makes some custom ones of your own.
If you don’t know much about music, then Solo combines really nicely with a brief in-app internet search of the music of your favourite guitar based bands. Find out what the key chords are to the best songs, choose them from the app and away you go. Eat your heart out Jimmy Page. If that’s not enough of the band experience for you, then Solo can also play one of the songs on your handset in the background while you strum along as well. --By Dan Sung from pocket-lint.com

Solo Features:
* Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound
* A huge chord library with chord diagrams – hear and see how each chord is played.
* Create your own chords
* Play along to any music loaded on your phone
* Get chord and lyric overlays from the web – excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play (this feature is provided via a free add-on app)
* Play with a capo to fit your vocal range
* Create, load and save chord layouts for your favourite songs
* Customize the UI to fit your playing style
* Use multitouch on supported devices
* Uses Immersion’s MOTIV haptic effects for advanced haptic feedback
* Great for S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note

What’s new in version v1.60
New Audio Engine for Android 4.3+

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Solo Play Store

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Download Solo apk v1.70 update

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