Monday, December 16, 2013

SuperSU Pro 1.85 APK Download

Download SuperSU Pro 1.85 apk free for your android. Easily manage root access on the go with this super app. Said to be a 'must-have' for root users.
SuperSU Pro apk 1.85

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 2.0MB
Rating: 4.9/5
Type: Tools

App User Reviews:
I've been using SuperSU since AOKP switched to it as default. Considering I don't plan on running anything else for quite some time I thought I should upgrade and support a great dev in the process. -Andrew
It is extremely easy to install, incredibly reliable, good management tool. If you're rooted and you don't have this, you're a fool. Chainfire is an outstanding dev and quite the asset to the android community. -Lord

If you have an Android device then you must root it to really enjoy it. To root your device you need this app to control the root access that you're allowing. That's why this app is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE! Thanks for making a great app even better, and for helping to make our rooted experience even better. UPDATE : Years later, still my go-to root app and still the BEST! -Google User

Not much to say other than this is the best app ever! Chainfire will forever be an android god for giving so many people controllable root access to their device. His implementation of su is perfect. You sir are a genius. -Marc 

Description & Features:
Detailed SuperSU Features on the Play Store

What’s new in version 1.85 (download below)
- Fix su to non-root user on 4.3+
- Fix su permission reset on 4.4 (will not be an issue until Samsung comes out with stock 4.4 ROMs)
- Fix am crash due to external storage not being defined
- App now offers to install backup script if ROM supports it
- Expand trust system setting to include all higher-than-shell users
- Added credits display
- Completely removed nag capability
- Lots of code changes

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

SuperSU Pro 1.85 APK Download Links:
SuperSU Pro Store


Latest Update: Download SuperSU Pro 2.46 apk

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