Thursday, December 19, 2013

SwiftKey Keyboard APK

SwiftKey Keyboard full apk is the fastest and most accurate keyboard with word predictions that seem to read your thoughts. Download it now!
SwiftKey Keyboard APK

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 12 MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Productivity

User Reviews: 
"The ability to swipe words and not have to type each word independently is priceless. The accuracy is astounding and SwiftKey Keyboard learns your typing style, even your typos. I can't do without it. No ads, 5 star." -Brian

"At first it was a bit weird just to swipe over the keyboard to type, but when I got used to it I felt like I'm saving loads of time! It's brilliant with English and ok with my secondary language - Lithuanian. Thanks Swype team." -Justinas

"SwiftKey Keyboard is by far the best keyboard out there! The predictions are amazing and the flow works as swipe. I like that there are only 3 predicted words and not 10 like the other keyboards." -Amir 

"I am updating me previous review of Awesome, to absolutely Awesome!! It has always been my favorite keyboard at that's not going to change with all the superb work they do." -Google User

"Touch screen texting drives me crazy. I spend more time correcting my words than actual texting but with SwiftKey, life is a lot easier to say the least. Brilliant keyboard." -Geraint Review:
SwiftKey goes one step further than autocomplete by attempting to deduce your words based on context and your habits. The app presents its predictions in three slots above the keyboard; the center is what it believes is the most likely, and the ones to the left and right are the runners up (see the slideshow for examples). I found SwiftKey's predictions to be uncannily accurate, and much more useful than autocorrect. The catch is you have to train yourself to look at the suggestions and pick one before you complete a word.
In practice, SwiftKey could change the way you type. For instance, if you're frequently firing off the phrase "see you later," those three words are more likely to appear in succession in the app's predictions. Instead of typing out those 11 characters, you may eventually see a suggestion for "see" followed by "you" followed by "later."

What’s new in this version
-Holiday theme
-New installer with automatic language download
-Improved language pack management
-Various bug fixes and improvement
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v4.4.0.230 Apk:
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