Friday, December 20, 2013

SwiftKey Keyboard APK Download

Download SwiftKey Keyboard apk (full) free for your android. The mind reading keyboard of the future. Take your typing experience to the next level. Read the reviews and download below.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 12 MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Productivity

SwiftKey Keyboard User Reviews: 
"This is the power of Android. You don't like for example your stock keyboard just use this one. The best keyboard ever. I really can't understand why no one from the big companies didn't acquire them yet." -Mitchel

"I read some reviews about the product and thought I would give it a try and am I glad I did. SwiftKey Keyboard is without question the best predictive text keyboard I have ever used. You guys need to get some deals done with the OEMs and have this installed as standard." -Thomas

"I've been using SwiftKey for over a year now and I love everything about it. I love how it picks up on your common phrases that you use and predicts it for you so all you have to do to click the words and you save all that typing. I also love how it auto corrects better than my phone's standard keyboard. I'm so used to the auto correct that I forget that laptops don't auto correct, lol!" -Review by Ciara

"The best keyboard by far! I like the ability to move the keyboard around. Please make keyboard skins based on the Nexus 5, and Iphone 5S. The predictions and auto correct are brilliant. SwiftKey Keyboard is definitely the no 1 keyboard on Android." -Google User

"When I first started using Android I didn't care for the built in touch screen keyboard, and I tried every alternative I could download from the market. After I installed SwiftKey I stopped looking. It has every feature you could want in a keyboard and the absolute best, by far, eerily accurate word predictions. After I had been using it a while and it learned my style, I rarely type more than 1, 2, or sometimes 3 letters of a word before it knows what I wanted to type. It's amazing!" -David

"I've been using this keyboard as my default for years now and each update makes it better. The integration of my typing habits from my different accounts and the ability to predict the next word, words or even sentences is a nice feature that ive grown used to. And the auto correct is really well done." -Philip

What’s new in apk version
-Holiday theme
-New installer with automatic language download
-Improved language pack management
-Various bug fixes and improvement
See more at
- coming soon

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SwiftKey Keyboard APK v4.4.1.241 Download Links:
Play Store

Direct Drive
Direct Link 
Direct Link 

Download and install SwiftKey apk.

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