Saturday, December 21, 2013

Syberia (Full) APK + SD DATA files Download

Download Syberia (Full) APK + DATA free for your android phones and tablets. The classic PC game is finally on the android platform. This is the first release so please report any bugs in the comments section.

Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Size: 1.3G
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Brain & Puzzle

"Lots of pointless running around. The cut scenes were beautifully done but the point and click was non-intuitive and I never could have completed it without a walkthrough. The dialogue was weak. After excellent games I could barely make myself finish it." -Lynn

“It needs aspect ratio options This game was designed for 4:3 screens but gets stretched horizontally on a 16:9 Nexus 10 tablet. Needs a patch to address this, otherwise it's like watching stretched-to-fit TV on an HD screen.” -Terrance 

“Such an amazing game. I am loving revisiting it on my phone! Just as beautiful. There are some minor game play issues, which I'm sure will be fixed up in no time” -Michelle

“I remember playing this game years ago, it was amazing back then, so glad it's on my phone now. However lots of bugs, text missing and screen keeps going to sleep during talking etc. Please fix. Unplayable right now” -Luke

This game is a more adult driven drama that plays off ones own quest for adventure and exploration in life. It's full of hard puzzles and great, I mean some of the best character development in a game. The things you as Kate Walker will get to do in this game, people you will meet, places you will go to. It's a fantastic game. Well worth the top dollar amount of $6 and to think I bought it on sale for $3.99 was a deal. I would recommend Syberia (full version) to any adult adventure fans. -Thompson

“This is finally on android. It was such a good game on the pc and now with it mobile I can finally play it again.” -Adam

Please leave a review in the comments section below after you've downloaded and played Syberia (Full) , thanks!

Anna Voralberg, the factory owner, has died. His brother and sole heir, Hans Voralberg, a genius inventor, has been missing for decades somewhere between the Alps and Siberia. Kate is launching on the trail of this enigmatic man to complete the acquisition of the plant.

But his trip West to East, and gradually she finds include the reasons why Hans to embark on a quest without returning to the point of forgetting his first materialistic motivations.

- A compelling storyline that will take you beyond your imagination
- Many people, with a strong personality
- The making of cinematographic films (camera angles, movements and framing)
- Creative and original puzzles
- A unique atmosphere and unique

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Syberia (Full) APK Download Links:
Play Store Link

Direct Link

Direct Link

This is the first release, so it might have some bugs (screen goes to sleep during talking, some stretching on wide screen tabs). If you encounter problems, download update version 1.0.5

Also Download Syberia 2 (full) and continue the journey with Kate and Hans Voralberg.

Install Instructions:
- Install APK
- Extract SD DATA and copy ‘com.microids.syberia’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/obb’
- Launch the Game

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