Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Cave v1.1.1 (Amazon) Apk for All Devices

Dive deep into the dark in an adventure like never before. This is the Apk from the Amazon Play Store, it works on all devices but may take up to 15 min to install. Let us know of your experience in The Cave after you've played the game.

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 1.4GB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Game Reviews:
“An experience like this on android is amazing. This game is top notch quality and the puzzles are fun to figure out. It is a bit short, but has 7 playable characters overall so you can play through a couple times and see new things.” -Skyler K

“I Played it on PC. I know double fine makes good stuff. But this is unplayable for me. Sound is jittery and skips. Visually it runs fine. Just audio issues. Not going to refund, because I know it will get sorted. Note 2 4.4.2 Edit: Thanks Dev! Also, I should note that I know I'm not on a stock ROM, and that the issue could very well be on my end.” -Daniel Nelson

“Playing The Cave on your phone is tough due to the small touch areas but if you own a Shield or presumably the Mojo this game is awesome. It reminds me a bit of The Lost Vikings. The narrator is pretty humorous and adds an extra bit of color. Must have for the Shield!” -Jonathan Nedry

“This would seem like a nice game to play, but it keeps giving me a black screen when i open up the game and then crashes on my Samsung GT-P5710. Please fix this devs, i would really like to play this game.” -Nicolai Kolokoltsov

“In all seriousness, though - please add an option to put the bulk of the data on an external SD card, and this baby is going on my phone! I know a double-fine game when I see one,so I'm amped to start playing this. However until I'm able to use my ext. SD card, it ain't happening. 3 stars for you!” -A google user

“I read the review whilst browsing the Guardian app (on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 version 1 model GT-P7510) and paid my £3.06 for the 1.18GB download. I moved the tablet to get a strong WiFi signal and watched the progress report. I didn't start it up right away but continued reading the Guardian App. When I started The Cave it helpfully created a shortcut on my home screen and told me how many GB space I'd got left. But it didn't work. At all. Because I waited more than 15 minutes before trying it, no refund button appeared in the Google Play store. Reluctantly, I've enabled automatic updates in the hope there'll be a fix soon” -Dave Hennike

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The Cave Apk Download Links:
Play Store

Direct Link

Install & play.
Installation can take up to 15min. all devices compatible

Latest Update: Download The Cave v1.1.3 for All Devices

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