Wednesday, December 25, 2013

TSF Shell 2.0.2 Apk

TSF Shell 2.0.2 apk (patched full) update features bug fixes, some additions and improvements.Free download below and customize your android.
TSF Shell Apk

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 11MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Personalization
App User Reviews: 
“With every new day of usage, this thing is growing on me, more and more. I can't see myself going back to any other launcher now. This just feels like a whole new world to me. Butter smooth animations, flexible UI, nice and clean design, smart options, non-restricted desktop grid. Also, the other guys with 3D launcher, that stole your many ideas, and you know who they are, can never reach this state of art.” -Eldis

This is one of the most awesome launchers I've used so far. Keeping the app in the phone's memory seems to be an issue though. On my S5 it just crashes and on my LG G2 it has instances of just freezing until forced stopped from general settings. I think overall TSF Shell is beautiful, just a bit buggy. -Lucy (TSF v3.2.1)

“I've had no real issues at all. I even use full animation with no serious battery drain. As long as it's supported and updated with new widgets and features, I'm okay on Note 3.” -Johnson

“TSF runs smooth on GNEX (Latest update is fenominal). Now it is a a bonified full launcher replacement. Don't let the price scare you. These developers are great, they won't release something until it's PERFECT which I wish more were like that. So there is some time between releases but every iteration is always an improvement and always has at least one WOW addition to it. This last update made this my favorite app hands down for Android!” -A Google User

"This is an excellent launcher. I was using nova launcher 3.3 for a while and loved. I still do. But this is on another level. There are so many ways to make this launcher work perfectly for you. With a little more work, suggestions by others, and a price drop this launcher will be at the top of the list." -Dylan

What’s new in apk v. 2.0.2
1.Recommend a nice free theme for Christmas
2.Fixed the issue of wallpaper not being full screen
3. Fixed the constant restart issue of TSF Shell on some devices
4.Known bugs fixed

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
TSF Shell 2.0.2 android screenshotTSF Shell 2.0.2 Apk screenshot

TSF Shell 2.0.2 Apk Free Download Links:
TSF Shell Store


This version is fully patched. Just install and use.

Download latest version of TSF Shell here

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