Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Contra: Evolution 1.2.8 APK Download for Android

Download Contra Evolution v1.2.8 APK free for your android phone or tablet, a critically-acclaimed retro side-scrolling action adventure from the 90s.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 18MB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Arcade & Action

User Reviews from the Play Store: 
“I am a huge fan of the NES game and this version doesn't disappoint. Contra Evolution looks great and the new features add tons of replay value. However, just like any other game, the touch controls can be extremely frustrating, but at least they offer some customization.” -Mark 

“Brings back memories. The sound effects could be better, and the control is sometimes difficult to handle. But overall great way to play contra on Android.” -Andres 

“Hi res graphics would also help on my nexus 7. Many people want to play this with their 360/PS3 controllers or mobile controller. Please add support for such devices.” -Isa 

“An 8-bit era classic, Updated! I'm Playing it on an S2 and works great! Will be even better on a S3,or 4. What a great game. Too bad there's no online or ad/hoc co-op or MOGA compatibility” -Cole

Contra Evolution Description:
Do you remember Gryzor? Do you remember Probotector?
Guess what? They're back!
Contra is the international title for Gryzor and Probotector.
You will find Contra to be… a real BLAST from the past!
Contra: Evolution is the first official Contra game for Google Play, bringing all of the run-and-gun action of the 1987 original with 21st century graphics and controls to the palm of your hands.
Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer and Lance “Scorpion” Bean are back to business fighting aliens in the jungles of South America--but can you survive one of the hardest games ever? Collect power-ups, unlock new levels and characters, and take on challenges in this arcade blast from the past. With updated HD graphics that stay true to the classic, get ready for a whole new Contra experience!

What’s new in version 1.2.8 (January 9, 2014)
* Added Boss Rush mode and Ranking system.
* Improved handling system.
* Added new character skill system.
* Adjusted upgrade award items.
* Improved interface graphics.
* Optimized the battle screen and added particle effects.
* Mall provides more favorable offers.
* Removed level restrictions in Mission mode.
* Fixed bugs.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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NO Root needed, Download Contra Evolution, Install it and have fun.

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