Thursday, January 30, 2014

franco.Kernel updater 11.3 APK

This renowned kernel gets yet another update. franco.Kernel updater 11.3 Apk improved memory footprint, PerAppModes service, layout, UI and fixed many bugs.
franco.Kernel updater 11.3 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Size: 3.9MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Tools

User Reviews from the Play Store:
Fantastic app to compliment an outstanding kernel. Simply put, franco.Kernel is an outstanding, powerful, and flexible kernel supporting the Nexus line. This app allows for easy access to all the features that the kernel provides while showing a little love to the dev. -Joshua

Would it be possible to add features such as changing the read ahead size, and also setting a max screen off frequency? otherwise no complaint. -Dylan

Truly complete, all in one app for controlling and customizing a kernel! Even though I leave the settings at their defaults, it is nice to be able to tinker around with settings. Purchased this to support a great developer. -Eric

Well coded and works as expected! Tweak the kernel, download and patch newer versions of the franco kernel, improve battery life - everything you could wish for, it works flawlessly. -Sanjay

After finally purchasing a Nexus and hearing so much about your kernel, I happily rooted my phone and flashed it. The battery life is exceptional and I've had no issues since flashing. I'd be more than happy to support you as a Dev so your app was just icing on the cake. -Adrian

The kernel itself is already good. Coupled the kernel with the app itself is better! Performance profiles, voltage control, RGB color calibration and more. Definitely worth every penny! -Winter

franco.Kernel updater Description & Features:
This application supports the following devices only:
* Galaxy Nexus
* Asus Google Nexus 7 2012
* Asus Google Nexus 7 2013
* LG Nexus 4
* LG Nexus 5
* Samsung Nexus 10
Supports Android from 4.0.3 up to 4.4.

* Deep integration with franco.Kernel
* Check for new franco.Kernel versions
* Auto flash Kernels directly into the device without any user input besides requiring a reboot
* Download .zips to be flashed in recovery
* Beautiful UI that follows Google's Guidelines using a great looking navigation drawer
* Interface to change CPU clocks and governor
* Interface to change the CPU governor parameters
* Backup & Restore Kernels on the fly without any "geek" knowledge
* Custom Kernel settings such as: IO scheduler, IO scheduler tuning, TCP congestion algorithm and options to turn logging off
* A powerful tool called PerApp Settings which you can set special sets of options for your favorite apps. For example you want maximum CPU freq when gaming, but low frequency when reading a e-book. With this tool that is possible. Its also very flexible.
* A System Monitor with a beautiful UI courtesy of the developer Christian Göllner
* A simple File Manager to flash boot.imgs and Kernel .zips on the go from anywhere inside the sdcard
* Color and Sound control for selected devices pending Kernel support
* CPU temperature available in the notification bar
* Many more options

What’s new in version 11.3
* New Color Control interface for the Nexus 5 and it contains tons of profiles developed by the community
* Tons of memory footprint improvements
* Major improvements to PerAppModes service
* Major bug fixes all around the app
* Layout improvements to the navigation drawer
* File Manager: list Folders before Files
* Lots more minor and small improvements in the UI & overall usage of the app
* Merge the latest translations thanks to all the contributors

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

franco.Kernel updater v11.3 Download Links:
FrancoKU Store


Update Available: Download franco.Kernel updater apk v12p403

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