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Human Anatomy Atlas 5.0.43 Apk free Download for Android

Human Anatomy Atlas is an award-winning 3D anatomy app, v5.0.43 apk added new content and features, plus a revamped UI. Discover your body in 3D!

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 1.1GB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Medical

Human Anatomy Atlas Reviews: 
“I use this app in my medical practice. It takes a few seconds to load, but it worth the wait. It is great for showing patients exactly where things are and how they work. The animations are not wildly interesting, but they are worth watching once.” -Fanxin ma

“I'm using Sony Xperia Z Tablet so it is really pleasurable running this type of application on HD tablet. Not to mention its usability and information. The lacking of one star is for the screen optimization of animations.” -Cesar Lacosta

“It does a better job displaying anatomy than any other app I've seen. The movement is fluid and its easy to zoom and see a bone (etc) from every angle... it could really use integration with the "back button" built into the phone and being able to zoom in on the written definitions would also be great. The writing is so small that it's frustrating to read.” -Jeremy Motts

Human Anatomy Atlas features over 3,800 anatomical structures (1) New microanatomy of senses (2) Anatomy of male and female urinary and reproductive structures (3) Optional animations that present physiology and function.

A true, totally 3D reference and learning atlas:
- Rotate any of the available models. Zoom in or out.
- Read definitions and hear pronunciations.
- Use preset views to quickly view a region or structure. Create and save your own views.
- Create notecards to use in presentations or for studying
- Save and share 3D views with other users of Atlas for Android.
- Save and share screenshots and notecards.
- Test your knowledge with quizzes.
- Watch stunning 3D animations.

The most content of all true 3D apps. Includes a male and a female anatomical model. Over 3,800 structures from all body systems:
- Skeleton
- Ligaments
- Muscles
- Circulatory (arteries, veins, heart)
- Nerves
- Microanatomy of senses (eye, ear, tongue taste buds, skin receptors)
- Brain
- Skin
- Respiratory
- Digestive
- Lymphatic
- Reproductive
- Urinary
- Endocrine

Animations section with eleven free preview animations on physiology and function:
Paired muscle actions
Joint: Ball and socket
Types of cells
Bone repair
Soft tissue repair
Red Blood Cells
Heart function
Chewing and swallowing
Elimination of water and waste
Function of the skin
Muscle tissue types
Nervous system functions
And much much more.

What’s new in apk version 5.0.43
New content: Microanatomy of the senses, 11 free animations that review physiology, option to purchase more animation packs
New feature: Share views with other users of Atlas for Android
New feature: Create notecards to use in presentations or for studying
All new UI: Quickly add and subtract entire systems in any view right from the home screen

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Human Anatomy Atlas APK:
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Download and install Human Anatomy Atlas v5.0.43 apk.

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