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Remote Phone Call 5.4 APK Download

Download Remote Phone Call APK 5.4 for your android and use your Windows PC to manage your incoming/outgoing calls and writing/receiving sms via wifi or bluetooth.

Requirements: Android 2.0 and up
Size: 1.4MB
Rating: 4.4/5
Type: Communication

User Reviews from the Play Store:
Many Kudos to the developer. Not only does this work beautifully with my Galaxy S5 and Win 8.1 pc, but he has gone above and beyond with the choice to use Bluetooth or Wifi, and even provides an SDK, and other options. Bluetooth is recommended to save phone power. I tried both and each method works great. If your PC doesn't have Bluetooth, just order a $10 Bluetooth USB plugin from Amazon. All I can say is get this app (download below). And enjoy making calls (and texts) from your PC via your cell phone. You can just right-click on a phone number in Outlook, Word, Excel, or click on phone numbers in your browser that have the "Tel:" protocol. It's great! I've looked to see if anything existed like Remote Phone Call app for iphones for a friend, and it doesn't appear to exist. This app alone makes having Android a treat! -Mark

“I had been dreaming about this for years. I work so much out of the office that my cell has become my primary number (no one calls my office line anymore). Being able to link my cell to either my laptop or my window tablet and place calls directly from within Outlook is so wonderful. And being able to send text messages with a full keyboard is pretty handy too.” -Brian Coltrane

“The calling from PC seems to work well. The interface for SMS on a PC is unintuitive, if SMS is the main purpose for this app for you, I'd look for something else.” -Vitalis Ski

“To be able to initiate calls and reply to SMS's via my PC is fantastic. The integration into MS Office (Outlook and Word, even the latest 2013) is just a massive bonus. The SDK included (C# project) is also very comprehensive.” -Francois Hill

Remote Phone Call Features:
Remote Phone Call CallCenter features (app running on your PC):
- Shows phone contacts
- Shows call log
- Allows dialing contacts, call log entries and entered numbers
- Writing and reading SMS messages
- Contact search
- Answer incoming calls
- Popup for incoming calls and SMS messages
- Manage audio settings
- Hotkey for dialing numbers from the clipboard
- Hotkey for accepting incoming calls
- Handle "tel" and "callto" ULRs
- Auto start at windows login
CallCenter Microsoft Office integration:
- Allows dialing selected numbers using the context menu of the text editor (Outlook, Excel and Word)
- Allows calling email sender and recipients with help of contact information (Outlook)
RemotePhone features (app running on your phone):
- Auto start with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
- Acoustic signal on connect
- Show connection status
- Send or download client installation package
to your Microsoft Windows PC
System requirements:
- Android 2.0 or higher
- a Microsoft Windows PC (XP or newer)
- a Wi-Fi (WLAN) environment or a Bluetooth* enabled PC
- optional: Microsoft Office 2007 or newer
*Supported Bluetooth stacks: default Microsoft stack, WIDCOMM stack
The PC application CallCenter offers a programming interface (API), which allows developers the use of the remote control features within arbitrary own applications. The SDK together with a sample can be found in the subdirectory "SDK" within the installation directory on your PC.

What’s new in this version 5.4 (Updated January 9, 2014)
- new: New licence key version Remote Phone Call LK
- new: Hotkey for ending calls
- fixed: SMS read status fix for Android 4.4

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Download and install Remote Phone Call apk.

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