Thursday, January 2, 2014

SpeedView Pro 3.2.0 APK Download

SpeedView Pro 3.2.0 Apk free download for android, this app will show your speed, distance and more information when driving, running, hiking,etc. 

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 1.6MB 
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Transportation

“I drive a crappy Chevy Cavalier and whenever is hot outside, none of my gauges work. I used the app, gps speedometer before this one and it was just not user friendly. I just got the Samsung Galaxy S4 and found this app to work flawlessly. The speed increments move smoothly like an actual speedometer and the compass moves like it's in fluid.” -Mark 

“Unlike GPS Speedomter, this works fine for automotive, cycling and walking. Can be minimized and phone turned off to maximize battery life. Gives consistently accurate results. Clean simple black & white display/user interface.” -Joe 

“If SpeedView Pro is used in conjunction with Maverick Pro you have the best speedo, the best configurable and accurate GPS data logger, and the best mapping solution to view recorded tracks. These two apps working together are brilliant.” -A Google User

SpeedView is an advanced speedometer application that uses the phone's built-in GPS system to show your current, maximum and average speed, as well as the direction, total distance, and time traveled. Suitable for running, car driving, biking, or hiking.
• High accuracy
GPS-based speedometer that is more accurate than the one in your car.
• Linear compass
Shows your current direction of travel. A compass mode is also available.
• HUD mode
Mirrors the numbers so you can place your phone on your car's dashboard and see the speed reflected in the front glass. You can check out this video to see how it works:
• Speed graph
Displays a graph chart covering the last several minutes.
• Speed warning
You can set the speed limits for three different types of roads so that when you go too fast a visual alert or sound will notify you.
• Display units
Supports units such as miles, kilometers, and nautical miles.
• GPX track export
Enables you to save your current track to the SD card or email it to someone. The GPX format is supported by Google Earth and many other programs:

What’s new in version 3.2.0
• More track logging options
• GPX files now contain the <speed> tag
• Better integration with Maverick

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