Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SuperSU Pro 1.91 APK + Licence File 1.00

This update is important for 4.4 users! Download SuperSU Pro 1.91 apk with Licence File 1.00. This version added and enhanced many options like the new su binary parameter.
SuperSU Pro APK

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 2.1MB
Rating: 4.9/5
Type: Tools

App Reviews: 
"True Linux uses sudo. I wish I had that on android. I gladly await Ubuntu touch so then I can have real user rights management. Until then SuperSu pro is as good as it gets." -Nate

"Without you kit Kat wouldn't be doing much on the galaxy s3 and other devices as well. I love your work and wish to work with you on it someday. I'm not good with android right now but when I am I shouldn't be hard to miss." -Matt

"You would think an SU binary would have to do very little, right? It just has to be in the right place and grant permissions every once in a while. Well, that is one of about 20 things that Super SU Pro does to help you manage root access and KEEP root access, even across updates. You need something reliable that doesn't take away from the experience. This is it." -Michael

What’s new in version 1.91
- New -cn/--context parameter for su binary (devs: see How-To SU update)
- Handle mksh being switched out for sh
- Daemon forces new session immediately at launch (moved up)
- Fixed reading dynamic properties on 4.4 (update ASAP if 4.4 user)
- Fixed issue where root wasn't granted on CM
- Add support for Samsung 4.4
- Update copyright notices to 2014
- Updated language files

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

SuperSU Pro v1.91 APK Download Links:  
Supersu Store

SuperSU Apk:
Direct Link

Licence Apk only:
Direct Link  
Latest Update: SuperSU Pro 2.46 apk with pro key

NOTICE: A SPECIAL PROCEDURE IS NEEDED FOR UNINSTALLATION. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE APP, DO *NOT* JUST UNINSTALL IT, YOU *WILL* LOSE ROOT. Superuser access management runs through a so called "su binary". There can be only one of these at a time. So if you install SuperSU, your previous superuser access management solution will no longer operate. So if you want to switch back: (1) Open that application, and search for an option for it to install/update/replace the "su binary". (2) Confirm root-using apps are using the superuser solution you want. (3) Uninstall SuperSU.
Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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