Friday, January 10, 2014

Ultra Keyboard 7.3 APK

Download Ultra Keyboard apk version 7.3, an awesome keyboard for touchscreens that would definitely give you a better typing experience.
Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Size: 4.8MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Tools

Ultra Keyboard User Reviews:
This keyboard does everything I want. Arrow keys, gesture typing, prediction, resize and a whole bunch more. Gesture typing is sometimes a bit poor but more than McAfee up for by the level odd configuration possible. The above was written using ultra keyboard. Looking at again now it just shows how inaccurate it can be sometimes.

I've dabbled in all the major keyboard. I keep trying new ones in case the next big thing comes along. But the next big thing in keyboards most often is a lot of hype and little type. So I'm back with Ultra Keyboard. One of the first apps I ever purchased and the first one to go on my new phones. The amount of options and customization may be overwhelming to some, but when you get it set up your way it's nothing like it. -Google User

This app is pretty good, but not perfect. I am constantly having to go back to correct a word because the dictionary has decided the word I put in was incorrect. This usually occurs with names, when I go onto websites like Wikipedia. -Sally

Ultra Keyboard Features:
Detailed Features on the market

What’s new in version 7.3
• Added "Character Map" feature (with Emoji for 4.1+)
• Added "Show Watermark" setting
• Improved word tracing
• Suggestion bar location was too low on 4.4 tablets
• Couldn't always type in URL fields after tracing a word
• Backspace didn't always work with selected text on 4.1+
• Couldn't undo word corrections in some instances
• Disabling "Typing->Capitalize Sentences" didn't work
More changes can be viewed at:

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