Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DraStic DS Emulator r2.2.0.2a Full Apk Download

This update features various bug fixes for many games, it's highly recommended you download DraStic DS Emulator full apk version r2.2.0.2a! 
DraStic-DS-Emulator-Full-ApkRequirements: Android 2.3 and up, ROOTED 
Size: 8.9MB
Rating: 4.6/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Running at 100% on my HTC one x and nexus 7 2013. The ability to fully customize the placement of  the DS screens makes it easy to prioritize one screen or another, depending on the game. The rate at which the app is updated is also impressive. Are there any plans to introduce resolution upscaling? The feature is in the ppsspp and n64 emulators that I use and playing old games in native resolution is so much nicer. -Richard

Even on my cheap kyocera android phone, DraStic runs at an amazing speed with no glitches. I personally think this might be the best ds emulator out there, and I've used ones for my computer, my phone, and I tried to use a Wii once, and this emulator tops them all. -Nate

While it works natively with the Moga Pro, it's not the best (can't really rapid fire buttons, a huge disadvantage for action games like Mega Man Zero Collection) unless you use the Moga Universal Driver. While this method takes a bit more effort, it's worth it in the long run for games with more precise timing needed or rapid fire. If the native compatibility is fixed, I'll up the review to 5 stars easy. -Liam 

What’s new in apk version r2.2.0.2a
- Fixed a graphical regression in Legend Of Zelda
- Fixed cheat browser background on Gingerbread devices
- Fixed right-stick mode name display
- Fixed regression in Hotel Dusk
- Fixed touchscreen issue in D-Pad area, when virtual pad disabled
- On-Screen Fast-Forward indicator can be disabled in options
- Incompatible custom portrait layouts from older versions are reset to default
- Added deadzone config for right analog stick
- Manifest additions for Mad Catz Mojo

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download DraStic DS Emulator vr2.2.0.2a APK:
DraStic DS Store

Full Patched Apk:
Direct Link 

Original Apk:
Direct Link 

Instructions for Original apk:
- Install Original APK
- Install Luckypatcher and open it, when you see "DRASTIC APP" click and hold it until Sub Menu pops up
- Click "REMOVE GOOGLE LICENSE", then chose "Auto Mode", check "AUTO MODE" OTHER PATCHES" -->"APPLY PATCH TO DALVIK-CACHE" then click APPLY, and then open Drastic.

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  1. Ummm I tried this and I'm stuck can you make more clear

    1. your device need to be Rooted (search google) to install this app as full version!

      You have 2 choices:
      1- Install the Patched Apk (full version)
      2- Install the original Apk and follow the instructions (above) to activate the app using lucky patcher.

      Any other problems please do tell me!

  2. Patched version requests a license for

  3. May we have a new version of this emulator, please?