Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zooper Widget Pro 2.46 APK

Customize your android device to the max. Download Zooper Widget Pro 2.46 full Apk and enjoy all the features, enhancements and additions this update brings. 

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 4.8MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Tools

- Sample templates included, no need to download anything else
- Some custom fonts already included, additional can be added on sdcard/fonts
- Create your templates easily, no functional limit, tons of variables and controls
- WYSIWYG editor with layers like Photoshop / Gimp
- Build your style and change everything: color, text, shapes, position and more!
- Completely customizable date and time (day of the year, week number, number to text...)
- Date calculations (countdown, time to or from any date, calendar event or system attribute)
- Full Math expressions supported (like Star Trek stardate)
- Battery info (remaining time, percentage, temperature, voltage)
- World clock (multiple timezones on the same widget)
- Weather for current or multiple locations on the same widget
- Up to 5 days forecast from multiple providers (Open Weather Map, YR.NO)
- Calendar info with free customization
- System info, like uptime, next alarm, SD card space
- WiFi network name, cell operator, signal strength, connection type
- Network traffic data stats for current day, week, month and more
- Missed calls, unread SMS, unread GMail (multiple accounts and labels)
- Sunrise, Sunset and Astrological Nautical or Civil twilight
- Moon Rise, Set and Illumination percentage
- Series for days, months and more!
- Completely dynamic and customizable TTF and PNG iconsets
- Static Bitmaps (PNG with alpha and JPG)
- Progress Bars customizable with any numeric variable such as min/max and value
- Tasker integration (see website)
- Jelly Bean lock screen support

- No Ads
- Widget on tap action / config lock (and "module" click action)
- Load and Save templates on SD card
- APK themes support
- Buzz launcher support

This app is battery and Memory friendly.

What’s new in version 2.46
ZW on JB LockScreen? Phone might reboot on upgrade, Android bug, sorry!
- Added +/- operators to date (#D+10PP:mm# = 10 mins from now)
- Free date of est. full battery discharge/charge (#BCT...#)
- Auto sunrise / sunset in default scalable iconset
- #STEMP# for temp unit in use (C/F)
- Select all modules
- Fixed resources not being loaded/saved
- Fixed unread email with GMail 4.7
- Fixed "disabled" action issues
Full Changelog:

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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LATEST UPDATE: Zooper Widget Pro 2.60 APK

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