Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Plus Apk

Free download A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Plus full apk, a version specifically designed and optimized for android tablets. Enjoy the flow in typing!

Requirements: Android 3.0 and up, Modded GP, Lucky Patcher
Size: 6.5MB
Rating: 4.4/5
Type: Productivity

A.I.type Tablet User Reviews:
"I have tried out several different keyboards for my android tablet and this is the best one. I love the split keyboard mode. You can make the keyboard almost transparent to see what you type behind it. And there are lots of customizable settings, like an option to change the size of the text on the keys, and if you want a top number line or not. It also has a good auto suggest for words, both often used by you personally and common words that follow one another. Hint: if auto suggest doesn't seem to be working try switching back to the default keyboard and then back to float and split." -Suzanne
This is the one app, I install immediately on my tablets. From my initial 10" tab to a couple 7" tabs and now an 8". A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Plus works great, especially switching between tabs. Well worth the price and support has been excellent as well. -Scott

I am using this app on the samsung tab 3 device and the keyboard layout for thumb access on both sides of the screen works just great. However, in the phone version of ai.type you can use the option to predict text and it does just fine but when you put personal shortcuts in they don't work. I don't know why there's a small glitch in the system, hopefully they will fix it after seeing this but other than that it's a great app. It works very well with tablet and is totally customizable. -Marilyn

A.I.type Tablet Features:
“AI-Keyboard reduces the time you spend on typing- by 40%.
AI-Keyboard unique self-learning technology, allows to precisely predict the user’s words. It will learn to understand the user pattern of typing, predict the next word, and complete or correct words AS TYPED!
It can be customized to meet user experience based on user own style of typing.
AI-Keyboard is an easy to use, super smart keyboard to replace the standard one on your tablet.
The AI-Keyboard also includes:
•Drag and Drop it . The split-keyboard "floats" above the screen and can be located anywhere on your Tablet. It’s small, elegant and occupies almost no screen space.
•Take it Personal. We offer 8 FREE keyboard themes in addition to premium themes available on the market. Customize everything from key colors, background pictures and keyboard patterns; add a 5th raw to your keyboard to use letters and digits on the same time or resize the keyboard with a simple swipe.
•Stay Protected. User’s privacy is our main concern. We will never share user data or learn from password fields
•Have Fun. Try out the keyboard addictive typing mechanisms, making typing fun and enjoyable
•It warns the user when it corrects the text! Get a visual indication before auto-correction is applied, and a beep after the correction.
•It includes now customized web search capabilities.

What’s new in version
Improved Tablet Compatibility.
Support Intel x86 architecture, for Intel based devices.
Support 5 new languages: Lithuanian,Czech, Vietnamese, Farsi , Ukraine
Bug fixes.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.5 APK Download Links:
Google Play Store


AI.type phone version available here.

NOTE: Use Lucky patcher OR Google Play Moded by chelpus for License verification

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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